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Presidents and Conflict Resolution Essay

The term negotiation has been defined as a formal process that occurs when parties are trying to find a mutually acceptable solution to a complex conflict.People and parties, throughout time, have come to negotiate for two basic reasons.First, they negotiate to create something new that neither party could do on his own.Second, parties negotiate to resolve a problem or dispute between the parties.Although history lends itself to be more susceptible to the latter of the two, the former reason should and will be given some consideration.American history has encountered countless arenas for negotiation.From the founding of new constitutions and governments to the ending of world wars, America has had to compromise repeatedly to establish itself as a superpower.At the top of this bargaining hierarchy is the President of the United States.The actions of this office have implemented policy in all times of dispute.Different presidents have pursued this task in different ways.Some have elected bodies of peace commissioners in which they could voice their opinions through.On the other hand, a few presidents have acted strictly on their own behalf concerning times of dispute.Consequently, the results have varied.So, it must be asked, what method has proven to be most effective?An analysis of several major American wars and their respective peacetime results supports the view that those who elect negotiating bodies and communicate through them have been more effective in achieving their goals.
Thefirst war to be looked at is referred to as Mr. Madison’s war, or the War of 1812.Before the war commenced, James Madison wanted to end impressment, gain Canada, and secure the repeal of the Orders-in-Council.In June of 1812, Britain repealed the Orders-in-Council thereby accomplishing half of Madison’s war aims with no shots yet fired.But, as shots began firing, America’s position was dwindling.By this time, with…

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