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Presidents Essay

Many presidents have had an influential affect on America.
In comparing Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Reagan it is important tofirst note their general public appeals and the need for their leadership at each specific time in history. Roosevelt came to be president during the depression years, and his policies and beliefs could not have suited the nation better in that period. Roosevelt came from a wealthy family, and he followed his cousin Theodore Roosevelt's ascension to the presidency. After Hoover's do-nothing presidency the country was in dire need of a president who was ready for action. He appealed to voters across the board, as he had the benefit of an unsuccessful processor whom which most people did not support for reelection.FDR was able to communicate his own strength and assurance to a badly frightened people, lead the nation out of the Depression, and serve four terms as president. Kennedy also grew up wealthy, and was almost groomed since birth for the presidency. He was a war hero in World War II, who turned to politics after his discharge. Kennedy, blessed with a youthful appearance and pleasant accent, led the nation after Dwight Eisenhower. In the campaign against his Republican opponent, Vice President Richard M. Nixon, he took positions that were somewhat more liberal than those held by Nixon. He defended them vigorously in an exhaustive campaign across the nation, and won by a slim margin. He appealed to women voters, black voters for civil rights, catholic voters, and his public relation skills appealed to all Americans. Kennedy was assassinated and never had a chance to fulfill his true greatness. Reagan started off with a career in Hollywood. He was an actor turned politician, whose confidence and optimism lead him to the front of the Republican Party. His conservative attitudes lead him to popularity after an economic transition was needed. Most thought the conservatives were the way to go, and Re…

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