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President of Higher Education Services Corporation Paper

As the world moves through the 21st century, we cannot help but recognize the rate at which new diseases are being discovered spread and treated. The healthcare system is overburdened as the patients and disease complexities continuously increase out of proportion with the health care workers and providers. This bill was introduced in consideration with the dwindling number of health care workers. This bill is supposed to increase the number of workers in the healthcare system. This is through provision of financial support in form of scholarships to nursing students or those who want to enter any nursing program with scholarships.

It also targets institutions like colleges that offer nursing and gives them grants. These funds are for expansion of programs that train nurses, to establish more facilities for nursing students and add the opportunities for nursing education at community based organizations. If the bill is enacted the Commissioner of Education, Health and President of Higher Education Services Corporation can identify shortages in New York and dispatch some trained nurses students under this program. He can also dispatch teachers to train nursing students at any facility that does not have enough staff.

The bill is sponsored mainly by Scozzafava. Other co-sponsors are Giglio, Bacalles and Errigo. There are also other multisponsors who are involved. These include Mc Donough, Miller, Oaks, Quinn, Burling, Barclay, Kolb, Finch, Tedisco, Raia and Sayward. However like any other bill, there are those who oppose the bill. The union of workers is one of them. They feel it will be financial blackmailing to get people into a profession that they are not even interested in. If this bill can get financing from the state budget, other organizations will try to do the same.

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in the event there will be raising of taxes to cater for this funds. This will lead to public outcry and more opposition towards the bill. The main aim of the bill is to provide funds and grants for nursing education It will support both public and private baccalaureate and graduate nursing education program. This bill is also supposed to increases training programs rather than offsetting existent expenditures. This funding will also sustain the nurse educators as they offer teaching services. This funding ensures that more residents are recruited into the nursing professional and they get retained in the profession.

This bill also targets older nursing students who may be experiencing problems in getting loans due to debt obligations. This program will lead to draining funds of an organization. It needs to step up and increase ways of getting revenue. The individual organization has to strategize and work closely with the government so that the state can set aside some funds in its budget. If the state does not chip in, the involved sponsors have to chip in more to provide for this program. There are both positive and negative impacts.

Residents may register for this program for personal purposes like getting financial income while they are not interested in providing the services. The number of student enrolled may be so many such that the organization may not be able to cater for all of them. Some residents may enter into a career that they are not interested in and not of their choice because of the free funds. This may make them to provide poor services wherever they will be attached. This may lead to erosion of the image of the health care organizations where they will work and consequently increase in mobility of the population.

On the positive side, there will be more workers in the healthcare system therefore relieving the already overburdened workers. There will be a great improvement in service delivery. This will lead to reduced infant and adult mobility at hospitals due to lack of personalized care and attention. There will be more access to nursing education within institutions of higher learning in New York State. Due to increased workforce there will be more time created for those nurses who are working and so they can spend more time for their families.

The job will be more interesting because nurses who are interested to further their careers have funds allotted for them. This will lead to provision of high quality services at hospitals and other health care organizations. This bill is not good because it will cause competition among other professionals and they may also be forced to make theirs with provisions like this bill. Other faculties like engineering can claim shortage and get organizations to sponsor them. If there is no enough funds that means the state has to chip in which means more expenditure of state resources and increase of tax that will have a big impact on the taxpayer.

Many institutions will get facilities to provide for this nursing profession and this may lead to an overproduction of nurses. Residents may get into the nursing profession to get these scholarships as a way of income and therefore this will distract the original cause of the bill. Due to the over load in the number nurses in the healthcare system. This will lead to lowering of their wages stripping the existent benefits so that the healthcare system can be able to pay the new increased workforce. Many people who had loans may not pay back in time.

This will make creditors not be willing to lend out money to institutions and other students. Some careers may have no new entries because they do not have this scholarship. This will result into diminishing of other careers and professionals in the society. There will be an imbalanced professional society. REFERENCES 1. International Council of Nurses; International Nursing Review The Council, 1954 2. Keith Trandel; Nursing and The Law; Jones and Bartlett, 1997 3. Project Hope; Health Affairs; Project Hope, 1981

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