Paper Presentation Evaluation Criteria

The following sample essay talks about the criteria for evaluating the presentation of the report. To read the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

Ends with an accurate conclusion showing thoughtful, strong evaluation of the evidence presented.

Delivered presentation to the instructor 1 week prior to scheduled time.

Generally well organized. Introduces the purpose of the presentation clearly. Include transitions to connect key points but better transitions from idea to idea are noted. Most information presented in logical sequence; A few minor points may be confusing Ends with a summary of main points showing some evaluation of the evidence presented. Delivered presentation to the instructor week prior to scheduled time. Somewhat organized.

Introduces the purpose of the presentation Includes some transitions to connect key points but there is difficulty in following presentation. Student jumps around topics. Several points are confusing. Ends with a summary or conclusion; little evidence of evaluating content based on Evidence. Did not provide presentation to instructor prior to scheduled time. Poor or non existent organization. Does not clearly introduce the purpose Of the presentation Uses ineffective transitions that rarely connect points; cannot understand reservation because there is no sequence for information.

Presentation is choppy and disjointed; no apparent logical order of presentation. Ends without a summary or conclusion. Unacceptable Content: Depth and Accuracy Content Speaker provides an accurate and complete explanation of key concepts and theories, drawing upon relevant literature. Applications of theory are included to illuminate issues. Provides evidence of extensive and valid research with multiple (you provide number) and varied sources.

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Combines and evaluates existing ideas to form new insights.

Research Paper Presentation Sample

Information completely accurate; all names and facts were precise and explicit Level of presentation is appropriate for the audience. For the most part, explanations of concepts and theories are accurate and complete. Some helpful applications of theory are included. Presents evidence of valid research with multiple sources. Combines existing ideas to form new insights. No significant errors are made; a few inconsistencies or errors in information. Bevel of presentation is generally appropriate. Explanations of concepts and/or theories are inaccurate or incomplete.

Little attempt is made to tie in theory. There is a great deal of information that is not connected to the presentation thesis. Presents evidence of research with sources. Combines existing ideas. Enough errors are made to distract a knowledgeable listener, but some information is accurate. Portions of presentation are too elementary or too sophisticated for audience. No reference is made to literature or theory. Thesis not clear; information included that does not support thesis in any way. Presents little or no evidence Of valid research.

Shows little evidence of the combination of ideas. Information included is sufficiently inaccurate that the listener cannot depend on the presentation as a source of accurate information. Presentation consistently is too elementary or too sophisticated for the Research Effort Went above and beyond to research information; solicited material in addition to what was provided; brought in personal ideas and information to enhance project; and utilized more than eight types of resources to make project effective.

Did a very good job of researching; utilized materials revived to their full potential; solicited more than six types of research to enhance project; at times took the initiative to find information outside Of school. Used the material provided in an acceptable manner, but did not consult any additional resources. Did not utilize resources effectively; did little or no fact gathering on the topic. Creativity Uses the unexpected to full advantage; very original, clever, and creative approach that captures audience’s attention. Some originality apparent; clever at times; good variety and blending of materials/media.

Little or no aeration; a few original touches but for the most part material presented with little originality or interpretation. Bland, predictable, and lacked “zip. Repetitive with little or no variety; little creative energy used. Use of Communication Aids Graphics are designed reinforce presentation thesis and maximize audience understanding; use of media is varied and appropriate with media not being added simply for the sake of use. Visual aids were colorful and large enough to be Seen by all even those in back of the class. Media are prepared in a professional manner.

Details are minimized so that main points stand out. While graphics relate and aid presentation thesis, these media are not as varied and not as well connected to presentation thesis. Font size is appropriate for reading. Appropriate information is prepared. Some material is not supported by visual aids, I. E. , too much text. Occasional use of graphics that rarely support presentation thesis; visual aids were not colorful or clear Choppy, time wasting use of multimedia; lacks smooth transition from one medium to another. Font is too small to be easily seen.

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