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A Powerful Hook To Start Essay Paper

One of the essential goals of each essay is to effectively convey the author’s message to readers. The writer will not be able to achieve this effect if he or she does not catch the reader’s attention from the beginning. The story that you write can become a useless paperwork if it does not catch the attention of the audience. Your story will be ineffective if it cannot engage the audience in the process of reading and keeps them interested until the end. It is important to understand what is a hook in an essay.

For example, when we go shopping in a bookstore, we decide whether to buy a new book after reading a couple of lines. Just like that, your readers conclude whether to continue reading your essay if he or she feels that the text is impressive and inspiring. It becomes clear from several paragraphs. As you start writing your paper, you should make its first sentence act like a fishing hook. It will help you to successfully grab the attention of your audience once they start reading it. A well-constructed hook should encourage your audience to read your essay until the end. If they do, the achievement of your writer’s objective will be possible.

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The essay hook concentrates on the initial one or two sentence of your paper.  The hook sentences of the essay catch the concentration of your audience via introducing specific exciting material that can intrigue them. If the hook in your essay works well, your reader will want to proceed reading your essay to satisfy his or her interest. Your audience might want to look for the answer to the question that had appeared in their minds once they started reading your story.

what is a hook in a essay

Types of Hooks for Good Quality Essay Writing

The essay hooks can be different.  Each essay should include its own most relatable ones that correspond to the theme of the story. It is a critical assignment for each author to start the story with the powerful hook. You may start writing your essay with the anecdote, some interesting fact, literary quote, statistic information or question.

1.The anecdote. This is a beneficial way to get your audience interested in reading your work. The sarcastic statement that you can put at the beginning of your essay is a good idea. It can both make a positive impression and entertain your audience. An amusing anecdote may become a good intro to your essay even if you do not intend to make the whole work sound comic.  With the help of such hook, the minds of the readers get relaxed from the start. In turn, this technique fosters an easy reception of the entire text. You can select the anecdote using the experience of your close people or your own.

2.Literary Quote. This essay hook is the other effects and a widespread method. It transforms the story that you write into the unique and interesting piece. To select the most appropriate quotation for your paper, you should define the way it is associated with your work. You can quote the statements of authoritative and famous public figures to make the hook sentence in the essay. Feel free to include to the text the quotations of remarkable contemporary writers and artists. It will help to successfully support your subsequent argument and smoothly create the introductory part of your essay.

And some more:

3.Another good essay hook is an appropriately constructed question.  This is the principal reason that directly stimulates the audience to find the answer throughout the paper. To successfully encourage your audience to read your essay from the first sentence, you should try to create very intriguing questions.  You are welcome to consider the question that hooks you and stimulates you to think critically.

4.Interesting Fact. You may capture the attention of your audience by presenting some interesting fact regarding the topic of your paper. You need is to describe something that may be unknown or less familiar for your readers. One of the examples of such hook would be the following statement.

 “Japan has more citizens inclined to commit suicide than any other state in the world”.

When you start your essay, you should ensure that the fact from the hook sounds engaging for you too.

5.Statistic Information. Some statistical data in the beginning of your story can make the audience read it to the end. The statistics reassure your readers in the accuracy of the content and writer’s message. Take a look at the example statement.

“In accordance with statistics, more than one-third of the adult population in the United States have obesity”.

As you read, you comprehend that the author intends to support this message in his story. He does more simply present the hypothesis. The sentences based on statistic data encourage the audience to wonder about the cause for the discussed fact. They even might think of the ways to prevent and resolve the issue raised by that statement.

How to Create the Best Essay Hook?

  1. When you start writing the essay, you should know who your readers. That is one of the most significant phases of essay writing. Otherwise, you will not be able to successfully present your topic, unfold your message, or stimulate the audience to read your work. You should know whom you address to while you are writing. Knowing your target audience, you can easily choose the best type of essay hook. Namely, if your audience mainly consists of kids and adolescents, the anecdote will be the most relevant essay hook for your work.
  2. The other valuable strategy for creating essay hook is setting the objective for your essay. You ought to think what feelings and thoughts you want your work to cause in readers. Do you intend to convince them of something via your story? Do you want to make them feel happy and inspired after reading it?
  3. Taking into account the image of your audience and the aim of your essay, you can successfully start writing a good essay hook. You should keep in mind that if the first couple of sentences are neither attractive nor interesting, there is no sense to proceed with reading. A good idea is also to add a hook sentence to every paragraph of your paper. This is a very effective technique to make your reader actually want to read the whole essay.

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