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Post Lab Report Paper

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This process aids in determining affinity. 3 The most polar compound is always the absorbent; however, the polarity of the compounds in the mixture in addition to the solvents found in the mixture differs in polarities. We use chromatography, or more specifically TTL, to determine the relative amounts of components in a mixture. Additionally TTL is utilized to determine the identity of two substances. When utilizing TTL, the ratio of distance traveled by the compound to the solvent is defined as RFC. 1 Column Chromatography, is used in this experiment to separate џ-carotene from a mixture.

Column Chromatography is utilized for purification of both solids and liquids. Primarily, C is used to separate and isolate compounds. The similarities between TTL and C include the utilization of a chamber and IV light to identify the affinity of the compounds. The steps found during a TTL can also be found in a C. Differences include the extraction and purification procedure found in a C. Results Thin Layer Chromatography Compound I Distance (CM) I Acetaminophen 1 4. 71 Caffeine 1 1. 51 Aspirin 1 01 Ibuprofen 1 01 Solvent front | 6. 5 | Thin Layer Chromatography with unknown

Unknown 1 1. 51 Thin Layer Chromatography comparison Residue | 0 | Isolated џ-carotene 1 01 Standard џ-carotene | 0 | Calculations RFC = Distance traveled by the compound / Distance traveled by solvent RFC Acetaminophen = 4. CM / 6. CM = 0. 7 RFC Caffeine = 1. CM / 6. CM = 0. 2 RFC Aspirin = Com / 6. CM RFC Ibuprofen = Com / 6. CM RFC Unknown = 1. CM / 6. CM Discussion The experimental results indicate that the identity of the unknown tablet was determined by measuring and comparing the distance traveled by the known standards to the unknown standard. The RFC value of Caffeine was 0. ND of the unknown was also 0. 2 as shown by the calculations above, this proves that the unknown substance was Caffeine, given that the unknown substance traveled 1. CM and was equal to the distance traveled by Caffeine, showing that they were the same. Acetaminophen had a Revalue of 0. 7 with Aspirin having a RFC value of O and Ibuprofen also having a RFC value of 0. This shows that the unknown tablet was Caffeine. Yes, the column chromatography experiment was successful as the residue, isolated and standard џ-carotene did not move from the baseline so all he three dots did not move.

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This shows that they must be similar, we could have used a better solvent than hexane to show reliable results. Conclusion The TTL successfully exhibited the different affinities of the analgesics. The RFC values were successfully obtained and due to the different affinities, the unknown standard was identified. However, the identity of the unknown standard was not easily attainable, there were complications with the experiment. The complications that could have hindered the results, include human error in measuring and observing.

Also, the tools used in this experiment may not have been sterile and the stock solutions may not have been pure solutions. For the column chromatography experiment, the isolated џ-carotene obtained was isolated from the solution, again human error in measuring and observing could have hindered these results. For isolating џ-carotene, the solvent used was hexane but that did not move the components so a better solvent could have been used to show more reliable results and to make the components move from the baseline.

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