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The manner of Post-colonial authorship has been given the name “New English literature” most particularly for its really peculiar manner of composing that focuses on the treatment of colonisation. These types of Hagiographas have frequently dealt with assorted issues that are related to de-colonization or the cultural independency every bit good as the political power that is related to colonial regulation. Assorted writers have already tried to dig deep into this specific type of genre and they have been able to transport out their novels with racialist or colonial subtexts.

Revie. 2003 )

The feature of post-colonial literature is that in its most modern signifier. it seeks to review the assorted modern-day post-colonial discourse that has been able to determine the times. Post-colonial plants are typically literature that seeks the procedure of re-writing and re-reading. This peculiar description of this specific type comes from the position of those who have been under the regulation of colonisation in the yesteryear. This peculiar type of manner is used in about every type of post-colonial literature novel that has been made.

Due to the tone and the type of narrative that writers use with this peculiar type of literary work. the dwellers of those colonised states are most frequently portrayed as victims alternatively of enemies of those who have colonized them. This is one of the properties of this type of literature. The assorted actions of colonisers have long harmed those who have they tried to subject to their will and because of this fact.

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the writers who have had the privilege of composing about their unfairnesss have ever given the colonised people a destiny which was less than desirable. Revie. 2003 ) Salman Rushdie One of the most noteworthy writers who have already made their grade sing this peculiar type of literature is Salman Rushdie.

The different types of fiction that Salman Rushdie has authored has been continuously monitored and analyzed for its different positions. A reappraisal of several of the books and his diaries will uncover that there is a proliferation of unfavorable judgments that concentrate chiefly on the subject of postcolonial affairs. His plants efficaciously address the assorted types of issues that have a political or societal nature.

Some of these things address the fatwa every bit good as the publication of The Satanic Verses. Some of the sentiments that other authors and writers portion is that Rushdie is a postmodern author whose earnestly pushes the different boundaries of the novel in modern times. Rushdie had authored several novels and every bit different as the texts are from each other. so does Rushdie lodge a consistent type of message which is merely discernable from a broader point of view. One of the novels that Rushdie had written is Midnight’s Children. This was a novel that had already been published for already twenty old ages.

This novel gave Salman Rushdie a noteworthy position because he was a really talented writer who wrote in English. This is one of the things that was rather singular about the writer since he was cognizant of different things about postcolonial national affairs of different states even though he was of Indian descent. This fact gave prominence to authors who were of a different race and therefore gave the literary partisans and assorted categories of people a new manner of looking different things. This cross-cultural manner of composing novels has shone the limelight on how post-colonial literature should non be limited to an writer of that peculiar state.

This is one of the things that was highlighted when Rushdie churned out Midnight’s Children manner back in the 80’s. Midnight’s Children With his work. Midnight’s Children. this novel is about the power of mixture and interaction. This type of mixture that Rushdie tries to concentrate on is seen through the filter of the protagonist’s memory. Saleem Sinai is a individual who recalls the history of his household and provides the readers a really thorough history of the full Indian environment that he knows.

The reader is thrust deep into the bosom of a peculiar period of India which basically covers the full timeline of India’s pre- every bit good as postcolonial twentieth-century history. The supporter who is said to be born during the first hr of independency from the British colonisers Begins by remembering his narration from about 32 old ages before that clip. He begins with his his heritage which focuses on his gramps. Aadam Aziz. This is one of the most noticeable things that one can see with this type of literature.

The scheme of traveling back to put the phase for the present is one trait of postcolonial literature and at the oncoming of the novel. Rushdie masterfully inserts this type of characteristic in order to put the phase for the remainder of the novel. Throughout the novel. Saleem is set out to happen significance in his life but as the novel goes on. one learns that Saleem is really switched at birth by the nurse Mary Pereira with Aziz’s biological grandson. Shiva. The narrative really weaves a really complicated web as it turns out that Saleem is the illicit boy of Vanita who is the married woman of another Hindu who plays the squeeze box.

Saleem writes out the narrative of his life and narrates it to his friend Padma. This is precisely the narrative that Saleem seems to narrate and remember over and over. ( Rushdie. 1996 ) It is through this peculiar novel that we find that remembering is non precisely something that is done on intent by the supporter but it someway flows out of his natural inclination to travel and concentrate on different fragments of his yesteryear. He Saleem manages to make the memory of his yesteryear through spots and pieces of information that he remembers throughout his life.

It is through the act of remembering that Saleem seems to do sense out of the pandemonium that is about him as he compares remembering to pickling which to harmonizing to him is an “impure” act of love. ( Rushdie. 1996 ) Pickling for him is kind of a procedure that makes things new once more due to the fact that one dies without newness. One of the things that is implied here is the fact that we exist and are alive merely because of the fact that we continue to reinvent and remake ourselves in the sense that we recreate our universe and our world as we remember it and as we experience it.

The writer gives a certain grade of importance to memory and how it has helped him with this peculiar novel in the sense that he makes it known to the readers that what they do is really of import. ( Hogue. 1996 ) Shame In the fresh Shame. Rushdie seeks to concentrate on a different type of characteristic. The author’s other novels seek to farther exemplify the different possibilities of mixtures but with this peculiar novel. Rushdie finds himself composing about choler. The pent-up province that one enters in when angered is what this novel is concentrating on.

This is the clip that Rushdie retells the history of Pakistan of all time since the clip of its independency manner back in 1947. ( Rushdie. 2008 ) The narrative basically discusses three coevalss as focal points on the different lives of Raza Hyder who is a really successful and famed military general and Iskandar “Isky” Harappa who is a politician who came from being a man-about-town because of his wealths and wealth. These characters are really based on different existent life people–the former being President Zia-ul-Haq and the latter former Prime Minister Zulfikar Alik Butto.

As seen in the different novels of Midnight’s Children and The Satanic Verses. the fresh Shame describes the colonizer-colonized relationship. In this peculiar relationship. the colonisers are those who are politically powerful and they are the characters Isky and Raza. They have been said to go pent-up individualities who have been mistreated in the yesteryear. The repression that can be found in the fresh Shame comes from the longstanding desire for pureness which is a a subject that is besides found in The Satanic Verses and Midnight’s Children.

Pakistan is said to be the land of the pure and mohajirs. ( Rushdie. 2008 ) There have been revisions of their yesteryears in order to suit into this new myth of pureness that Pakistan is supposed to be. In such a novel. the writer seems to reject hybridity in exchange for pureness. With this peculiar novel. the writer seems to concentrate on this thought and high spots pureness in the face of choler and repression that is found in the relationship of the coloniser and the colonized.

In this peculiar novel. the writer focuses on the choler that is found in the relationship of those colonisers and those who have been colonized. In relation to this peculiar apparatus. it is because of the repression that happens and because of the fact that people are in kernel filled with choler and hatred when they are stripped of their natural freedom. This fresh adheres straight to the type of literature that characterizes post-colonial interventions. The Demonic Poetries

The Satanic Verses is the sort of novel that admonishes the reader to inquire assorted inquiries sing himself. This fresh focuses on individuality. As with the apparatus in a colonised province. there are assorted inquiries that arise because of such an act. The fresh begs to inquire the inquiry. “How does one act when one wins? ” and “What sort of thought are you? ” The former and the latter pertaining to the individuality of the individual is challenged because of the fact that they are thoughts which are ingrained in a individual.

One of the characters in the novel is Gibreel Farishta who ne’er really develops a will of his ain and really becomes a beat-up and abused marionette of other people throughout the entireness of the novel. ( Rushdie. 2008 ) The inquiry of individuality dramas around with the fact that Gibreel is unable to be flexible and “impure” at the same clip. This peculiar apposition by the writer reveals a much larger image philosophically as it addresses the impression of world as a mere artefact that is masterfully handmade by the strength of words.

The individuality of people is questioned in this peculiar novel because it focuses on individuality and what one individual should be when he encounters a peculiar challenge in his or her life. This is one of the things that a individual or a state struggles with when they are colonized. ( Spivak. 1993 ) Conclusion Through the assorted texts. the original of post-colonial literature was rather obvious because of the nature of the manner that the political orientations were presented.

Through the different ways and secret plans that the writer introduced to the readers. he was able to to the full explicate and integrate the feelings and the thoughts that the coloniser and the colonized go through in their heads. Rushdie was able to plunge the readers in really profound narratives where he was able to remain faithful with the features and the nature of the genre of literature. The different novels that he authored are fantastic illustrations of how diverse the feelings and the thoughts are when one encounters colonisation firsthand.

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