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Politics Essay

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This paper example reveals the main arguments and ideas related to Politics. Read more about Music And Politics in this essay.

Political Science is the systematic study of the state and government. The word political is derived from the Greek polis, meaning a city, of what today would be equivalent of sovereign state. Science comes from the Latin score, ‘to know’ Scope of Political Science: 1 _ Political theory 2. Public Law 3. Public Administration Political Theory It refers to the inure body of doctrines relating to the rolling, form, behavior, and purposes of the state are dealt with the study of political theory.

Public Law ‘ the (a) organization of governments, (b) the limitations upon government authority, (c) the powers and duties of governmental offices and officers, and (d) the obligations of one state to another are handled In the study of public law. Private Laws are the one which govern the relations among individuals, public law is so specialized that separate courses offered in each of its subdivisions, namely: (a) constitutional law, (b) administrative law, and (c) international Law.

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Public Administration ‘ attention Is focused upon methods and techniques used branches of government. N. B, today, legislative bodies have been forced to delegate greater discretion to executive officers responsible for the conduct of government policies and powers. Thus we find many administrative agencies exercising quasi-legislative and quasi- judicial powers. Interrelationship of Political Science with other branches of learning: History ‘History is past politics and politics is present history. Political Scientist adopts a ‘historical approach and employs knowledge of the past when he seeks to interpret present and probable developments in political phenomena. 2. Economics Refers to the study of production, distribution, and conservation, and consumption of wealth. Political Scientist adopts an ‘economic approach’ when seeking to interpret matters like public financial policies and government regulation of business. 3. Geography Geopolitics

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It is concerned with the study of the influences of physical factors such as population pressures, sources of raw materials, geography, etc. Upon domestic and foreign politics. 4. Sociology &” anthropology It is deeply concerned with the origins and nature of social control and governmental authority

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