Political culture and change alters the nature and meaning of art

Most history of art in ancient periods comprises relationships between the political condition of a nation and the manner artists create their works of art.Two instances of this in which the nature and meaning of art were influenced by the changes in political culture are the Baroque and The Baroque era was a period of wealth and grandiosity.It was the time when luxury, political victory, and improvements in trade transpired in Europe.This era was characterized by modern lifestyles among men and women.

Such development and modernization inspired many artists.Hence, most of the art works of the time represents progress and grandiose lives. Buildings and architectural structures were intricate and emphasize rich decorations.One of the architectures that illustrates luxury and elegance of the Baroque style is the Palace of Versailles.An online source The fence is covered with a sheet of gold; every room is filled with intricate carvings and elegant figurines. Each room reflects a certain time or king by the change in furniture and styleâ€The palace is like a museum, which shows the progress of society using art and architecture Rembrandt, a celebrated painter of the Baroque style, transformed his classical style into new light elaborating Baroque characteristics.

Similar to the Baroque era that influenced the characteristics and nature of art, the era of Romanticism influenced many artists in expressing themselves against the 18th century’s Enlightenment crisis, dominating attitudes, and political conditions.The arts of Romanticism were characterized by individualism, imagination, free expression, intellectual social thoughts, and criticisms.

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One of the well-known Romantic poets was William Wordsworth.Wordsworth was known for his literary poems that express freedom.In Romantic paintings, on the other…

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