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Poetry, Rhythm,and Symbol

Narrative Poetry
Tells a story, using elements such as plot, characters, and setting

Lyric Poetry
Has a musical quality and expresses the feelings of a single speaker

Epic Poetry
A long narrative poem that tells about a larger-than-life hero

A songlike narrative poem that often deals with adventure and romance

A long, formal lyric poem

Free verse
Poetry that does not use a regular meter

A Japanese verse form that consists of seventeen syllables arranged into three unrhymed lines

A numerous five-line poem with a specific meter and rhyme scheme: aabba

Is a poem’s pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables

Is it’s rhythmical pattern; it is measured in feet or single units of stressed and unstressed syllables

Is the repetition of a sound at the ends of near y words

End rhyme
Rhyming words appear at the end

An object, a person, an animal, or a place that represents something beyond it’s literal meaning

The use of symbols, can involve a certain object, setting, or image.

A reference to a well-known person, place, thing, event, or literary work. Like a symbol an allusion means something more than itself


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