Poetry: "Exile" by Julia Alvarez

Read the excerpt below from the poem “Exile” by Julia Alvarez and answer the question that follows.

Or like, Papi, two swimmers looking down
at the quiet surface of our island waters,
seeing their faces right before plunging in,
eager, afraid, not yet sure of the outcome.

Which literary device does the stanza use to compare the speaker’s feelings about the new country to the two swimmers?


Read the excerpt below from the poem “Exile” by Julia Alvarez and complete the statement that follows.

We stopped before a summery display window
at Macy’s, The World’s Largest Department Store,
to admire a family outfitted for the beach:
the handsome father, slim and sure of himself,

Based on the context of the poem, the family in the display window at Macy’s symbolizes __________.

the ideal American family

The children are told that the family is going to the beach in the __________.

How is the conflict in the poem “Exile” by Julia Alvarez resolved?
The speaker’s family flees to America.

In the poem “Exile” by Julia Alvarez, the author and the speaker of the poem both fled __________.
the Dominican Republic

Which statement explains the relationship between literary devices and theme?
Literary devices emphasize theme.

What is the climax of a narrative?
where the turning point occurs

Read the excerpt below from the poem “Exile” by Julia Alvarez and answer the question that follows.

I let myself lie back in deep waters,
my arms out like Jesus’ on his cross,
and instead of sinking down like I’d always done,
magically, that night, I could stay up,
floating out past the driveway, past the gates,
in the black Ford, Papi grim at the wheel,
winding through the back roads, stroke by difficult stroke, out on the highway, heading toward the coast.

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Which literary device is used in the comparison between the speaker’s experience of fleeing the country and floating in the ocean?

extended metaphor

Which line is an example of foreshadowing in the poem “Exile” by Julia Alvarez?
“On the way to the beach, you added, eyeing me.”

What is symbolism?
an object that simultaneously represents itself and something else

What is a simile?
a comparison using the words like or as

In the exposition of the poem “Exile” by Julia Alvarez, the foreshadowing hints that __________.
the family is not really going to the beach

An extended __________ is a comparison that says one thing is another for several lines, for a stanza, or throughout a poem.

Which clue in the poem “Exile” by Julia Alvarez reveals where the speaker lives?
Ciudad Trujillo

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Poetry: "Exile" by Julia Alvarez
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