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href=”/papers/poetry-explication-first-poem-for-you-by-kim-addonizio-4268″ data-wpel-link=”internal”>Poetry is a way of representing values and beleifs of the Author through poetic techniques such as Personification, Repetition, Alliteration, Rhythm, Antonym, Synanym, Assonance, Rhetorical questions highlighting on the authors ideologies . ‘My country’ by Dorothea Mckellar written in 1904 and ‘ The New true anthem’ by kevin gilbert written inhave both contructed two different representations of Australian landscape. This essay will compare and contrast these two Australian poems, explaining how these poets ideologies differ surrounding Australian landscape.

Essay Example on My Country Poem Techniques

Because of the ideological positions of the poets they have constructed two completely different representations of Australia Mckellar uses romantasized notions to influence the audience to see Australia in a positive light, silencing Australians destructive nature, Mckellar invites an Australian audience to share and identify with her feelings by saying that those who are not Australian would not understand the love she feels.

By offering this invitation, she has href=”/papers/how-structure-affects-sonnet-73-522″ data-wpel-link=”internal”>constructed a poem that speaks to our national identity: if we understand what she is trying to communicate, then we are Australians.

Whereas Gilbert focusses on the negative visual imagery and the abuse of the landscape by the people, to get people to align with his point of veiw, silencing the beautiful nature of Australian landscape Kevin Gilbert is an indigeneous poet responding to Mckellars poem, reflecting what European “civilization” has done to the natural landscape. Both poems reinforce particualr ideologies, influencing the audience to align with their values and beliefs- Which ones state in concluding sentence

Mckellar poem ‘ my country’ Through the use of poetic devices to further emphasise her message to the audience, which is of Australia being this untammed beautiful country, Mckellar uses postive representations to enhance the flow of the peice.

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When reading ‘My Counrty’ the poem brings to mind Australia’s natural assets. The beauty in the land and varied landscapes which feed into you as a resident of this country. Her joy is infectious. The visual imagery Her affection for this country has an extremety bourne in and of the land itself.

She loves the good of it: the sweeping plains, the mountains and the ‘jewel-sea’ and all the resplendent beauty there for you to see. Her love takes in and encompasses the bad: the droughts, and floods, the terrors of living in her country, even the expanse brownness within it. She shows a knowledge of her country and an attraction to the country, and not a fantastic, idealised version of the same. This injects a realism that wouldn’t otherwise exist in this poem. It helps you believe that the place she describes is real, not imagined. is telling how she repeats this the line “Core of my heart, my country! and identifies herself with the flood, fire and famine as well as the golden rainbow. Even as she recognises the bad so too the good does not escape her attention. The generosity of the land is noted as it “pays us back threefold” and it’s so clear that you can see the plants growing. Rhyme. The second and fourth lines in each stanza rhyme; so do the sixth and eighth. Analogy. She uses it mainly in her imagery (“jewel-sea”, “The drumming of an army,/The steady, soaking rain”), but it is worth separate note. – Personification. For example, “the thirsty paddocks”, referring to the country as “she”.

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