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Poetry 1 review

Why is “the bridegroom” considered a narrative poem?
It tells a story

What happens at the very beginning of “the bridegroom”?
Natasha returns after missing

What can you guess about natasha and the bridegroom by the end of the poem?
Natasha saw the bridegroom murder a girl

Why is “the guitar” lyric poem?
Creates a single impression

Where should the reader pause when reading the following lines from “the guitar”
Now begins the cry
Of the guitar,
Breaking the vaults
Of dawn.
After lines 2 and 4

What feeling is created by the imagery of “the guitar”?

Summarize the story in “the fish” in one sentence.
A women catches fish and let’s it go

To which of the five senses does the following imagery from “the fish” appeal?
He was speckled with barnacles,
Fine rosettes of lime,

What event is described in the poem “Danny deever”?
A military execution

In “Danny deever” why is files-on-parade upset
A man he knows about to be killed

How are the poems “the bridegroom” and “Danny deever” alike?
Use dialogue to tell a dramatic story

What are the basic characterisitics of a tank?
5 lines and syllable count of 5 7 5 7 7

what does the tanka “when I went to visit…” describe?
Cold winter night

What does the speaker of “when I went..” hint at in the poem?
He deeply loved his girlfriend..

What does.the speaker contrast with the clouds in “the clustering clouds..”?

What are the basic characterisitics of a sonnet?
14 Lines, regular rhythm and rhyme

in “do not go gentle into that good night” what advice does the speaker give to old people?
hold on fiercely to each moment of your life

what is the rhyme scheme of the following lines from “do not go gentle…”
-do not go gentle into that good night
-old age should burn and rave at close of day
-rage,rage against the dying of the night

whom does the speaker address in the last stanza of “do not go gentle…”?
his father

why is “a tree telling Orpheus” considered a narrative poem?
tells a story

at the beginning of “a tree telling…” what cause the strange new “rippling” feeling the tree has?
the man’s song

what do the experiences described in “a tree telling..” show about life?
the power of music

why is “spring and all” considered a lyric poem”
creates single impression

what feeling is conveyed by the imagery in “spring and all”

what does the speaker describe in “mowing”
the rewards of doing hard work outdoors

to which the five sentences does the following imagery from “mowing” appeal?
-my long scythe whispered and left the hay to make
sight and hearing

how old was the speaker of “Making a fist” when she asked the question?

why is the speaker of “making a fist” still clenching her fist
sometimes she needs to prove to herself that she is still alive

What message about life does “making a fist” convey
Everyone needs quiet strength to survive lives challenges

What confuses the speaker of “in the poetic interpretation of the twist”?
The mini skirt and the vinyl

Where did the speaker is “the poetic…” live?
On a dead-end street

Why does the speaker in “the poetic…” mention “re-creating” his sister and his father?
They are his strongest memory of the time

How does the father escape in “the poetic..”?
He rides a bicycle

To what does the speaker in “the empty dance shoes” compare the energy of the dance does at rest?
Clown Knocked down by standing

What kind of poem is ” my city”?

Give an example of a metaphor in “the poetic…”
“I must not slight the ragweed,/the true rose of the street

Give an example of a simile in “my empty dance….”?
“an empty pair of same shoes/will sit on the floor like a wart”

What do the rock and the empty dance shoes have in communication in ” the empty..”?
They were both in motion at once time

What will the speaker of “my city ” most regret losing when he dies?
Experience of city life

“The bridegroom”
Alexander Pushkin

“The guitar”
Federico Garcia Lorca

“The fish”
Elizabeth bishop

“Danny deever”
Rudyard kipling

“When I went to visit…”
Ki Tsurayuki

“The clustering clouds”
Minamoto no toshiyori

“Do not go gentle into a good night”
Dylan Thomas

“Spring and all”
William Carlos Williams

Robert Frost

“Making a fist”
Naomi shihab Nye

“The poetic interpretation of the twist”
Cornelius Eady

“The empty dance shoes”
Cornelius Eady

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