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Poem Themes & Structure Facts

Rime of the Ancient Mariner Theme
Coleridge believes that we all need to respect God’s creatures. The suffering the mariner endures is payment for not respecting the albatross in the first place.

The Tyger Theme
Blake believes that the tiger is an embodiment of God’s power in creation – God can make good and evil
The tiger is like our ego, the part of us that believes in our own power and vision

The Lamb Theme
Blake believes that the lamb & child represents innocence and that God is creator of all that is good and innocent (as a shepherd)

The World is too much with us theme
Wordsworth believes that the world is too materialistic, need more focus on nature

Ode to a grecian urn theme
Keats believes that art, unlike humans, has permanence; it can last eternally. However, humans have life and passion. Both can be celebrated.

ozymandias theme
Shelley believes that time will eventually take everything away. and that pride is the downfall of all and that nothing good lasts forever

ode intimations of immortality theme
Wordsworth believes that we are closest to God and more pure as a child but as time goes on and we age, we lose sight of Heaven’s glory

ode to the west wind theme
Shelley believes in hope, that spring is not far behind.
He is spreading a message through poetry, inspiring others.
Nature as inspiration.
The destructive vs. the give-giving aspects of nature;
the cycle of life and death, the leaves dying while the seeds are beginning new life; the death and rebirth of his thoughts and ideas.

lines composed above tintern abbey theme
Wordsworth believes that nature and spirituality are connected and that we are renewed and revived by out memories of nature

Introduction to the Songs of Innocence Structure
lyric, 5 stanza quatrain, trochaic; symbol child = innocent and inspiration

The Lamb Structure
lyric/song, trochaic tetrameter & trochaic trimeter, starts and ends with couplet

Introduction to the Songs of Experience Structure

The Tyger Structure
6 quatrains; trochaic tetrameter; approx. rhyme; changes tone after 4th stanza

The World is Too Much With Us Structure
14 line Petrachan sonnet; iambic pentameter

Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey
blank verse, unrhymed iambic pentameter,

Ode on Intimations of Immortality Structure
11 stanzas, variable rhyme scheme, semi-iambic lines

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Structure
narrative poem; mainly quatrains, iambic-ish, internal rhyme

Kubla Khan Structure
irregular iamb; irregular rhyme scheme; 3 stanzas; 54 lines

Ozymandias Structure
Petrachan-ish sonnet; approx. rhyme; iambic pentameter; lyric poem

Ode to the West Wind Structure
Ode; each section = 14 lines (5 of them); iambic pentameter; 4 tercets make up a section

Ode on a Grecian Urn Structure
ode; 5 stanzas (10 lines each); iambic pentameter;

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