One Perfect Rose

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Most women believe that men do not have the ability to love or show their love in any fashion. For decades, women have believed that they will ultimately have to settle for a man that might be able to reach their level, only If that woman took the time to teach him correctly. Another notion that women hold is: if a man gives a flower or writes a poem, he is in some strange way degrading her or Just trying to get into her pants.

On the flip, side I constantly see women being abused and still going back to their men only because he said, “I love you. I believe that is why women have been arced to be on the defensive. The Poem “One perfect Rose”(Up 82) has brought to my attention: I as a man of little wealth, that doesn’t put me In a profitable position with the average woman that wants a limousine as opposed to a flower.

In the first line, Parker (the writer) says, “A single flower he sent me, since we met. ” Whether they met yesterday or five years ago remains unknown. It is apparent that the speaker and many other women of that time lost their respect for something so sentimental.

I have always thought off rose, or any gift from the heart, as something o be cherished rather than taken for granted. Maybe Parser’s speaker should wonder if she is worthy enough to receive a perfect rose. “l knew the language of the flowerer; / my fragile leaves,’ it said, Shish heart enclose” means a great deal.

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This sentence seems to convey that she realizes the significance of “one perfect rose”(at least for a brief moment). She regards the rose as a messenger, someone to reveal the Importance or significance of an act or feeling. Parker proceeds by saying, ” Love long has taken for his amulet. Although women eight not see it, a simple gesture of giving a single rose could signify much more. She does not seem to understand that the man might be trying to convey more than just a simple affection. This poem was written In 1937, and yet, the content of the writing still seems to apply to attitudes women display as of late. But can a woman be so shallow that she passes by the beauty of a rose to get to something bigger and better. In past poems and stories, the beauty of a woman has been compared to the undefiled image of a rose.

Perfect Rose Poem

But to be given “A perfect rose” should have been an honor rather than a reverts. Ask yourself one quick question: what gift have you received in your lifetime that could be meaningless to everyone else but you regarded it as the most precious object you have ever obtained? I really like the way the flirts two stanzas differ from the last. The first two seem like they would have been written by a sweet elegant writer of the 10th century, along with William Shakespeare. The latter sounds like a sarcastic daddies girl that has had everything given to her on a silver platter, with no use for a single rose.

By the last Tanta she crushes the roses heart, the symbol of his love, by inferring that it is useless compared to “One Perfect limousine. ” She seems to think of the rose as Just a rose, out a Limousine as something AT greater value. Winy a Limousine? Winy not a finely cut diamond? I don’t know any woman that would not Jump at the chance at a diamond. The limousine signifies what she really wants but has never had: a commitment. She does not want something that will eventually be tossed out and forgotten. Instead, she wants something built to last, something reliable. Nevertheless, no one ever gave her a limousine.

When I first read this work I was sure that I would never see eye-to-eye with the speaker but instead I Just became more concerned with Parker, whom may have been trapped feeling the same way. I hope that Parker did not take what the speaker wished genuinely because it makes the poem much stronger to think that she is making Jest of her own gender. Or better yet, that she had caught herself in similar instances before. Sometimes, for women, the best a man can give is never good enough. Every man that has had to deal with woman’s antics has had to realize what his part n their relationship is and where he should leave well enough alone.

Men that break that unwritten law have always had to pay in the past. Example, Season’s little mishap with Media. Women have always been the mystery of every man’s life. From Adam and Eve to Sunny and Cheer, men have always been on the outside looking in. A lot of the time, women want men to predict what they want or need, instead of Just coming out with it. I cannot see an end to this madness without the breakdown of the communication barrier between the two sexes. As far as I can see, men will always be left in the dark.

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