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Pocahontas Essay

Pocahontas, meaning "Little Wanton", was an Indian princess born sometime in 1595.She was the daughter of Powhatan, the powerful and wealthy leader of the Powhatan Indian confederacy located in Virginia.Accomplishing a lot in her lifetime, she has become an important figure in American history.
Shortly after the English settlers arrived at Jamestown, a man named Captain John Smith led a small group of colonist in an expedition outside the fort in search for food.Powhatan's Indian hunting party soon found them and killed all of the men except Captain Smith.Smith was taken to the Indian village of Werowocomooco as a prisoner where he met Pocahontas.Smith described her as more beautiful than the rest of her people.Pocahontas made an effort to learn English and found ways to communicate with Smith. Soon there after, Smith was put to trail, declared guilty and sentenced to death.As he was about to be killed Pocahontas ran forward, shielding his body with hers.Powhatan saw this and to his daughters wishes, spared his life, sending him back to Jamestown.
As a result of her curiosity concerning the English settlers, she eventually traveled to the colony itself.She then made frequent trips to Jamestown as a messenger for her father and arranged for the exchange of food and supplies in a time when the colonist and the Indian's resented, threatened, and disliked each other.
Soon thereafter, Smith unexpectedly returned to England and slowly but surely relations between the Indian's and the Colonist degenerated and Pocahontas trips became infrequent.A few years later in 1610 she married an Indian named Kacoum and lived among the Potomac Indians.Little information exist concerning that period of her life.In 1613 English settlers abducted her and the fate of her husband is unknown.She was considered a valuable prize to the English.She was seized in order to exchange her for English priso…

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