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Playing Fantasy Football Essay

Over the past decade and a half, there has been a cultural phenomenon that has been growing at a rapid rate, and pulling in huge amounts of cash while doing so. This phenomenon is fantasy sports, once thought to be for “nerds” or people with just too much time on their hands, fantasy sports has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry that brings in people from all ages and demographics. With such large sums of money being up for grabs, a staggering 56 Million people participate in fantasy sports annually, according to FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association). But money is not the only thing that can draw people to play, the other factors in users participating in fantasy sports are escape, arousal, social interaction, entertainment, and surveillance.

There are a variety of reasons to choose to play fantasy sports, one reason being that the game itself is a form of escapism, much like a drug playing these games allows for a person to take their mind off of the world around them. But instead of achieving these effects by impairing brain function like a drug, fantasy sports gives users a feeling of a false world, which is filled with other competitors that are all competing with their knowledge of a sport. As stated by Lee K. Farquhar, “Men citing escapism, noted that the combined pressure of occupations and family commitments fantasy sports a welcome respite” [CITATION LKF07 p 1215 l 1033 ]. This idea of escapism is supported by the age median of fantasy sports which hovers in the 18-35 range, men this age are usually pretty busy, either with college or a job to support themselves or a family. Fantasy sports allows people to get away from their hectic lives and relax a little bit with a sport they love.

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The drive to win, like in real football, is the center piece to fantasy sports, whether it the group of friends that deicide the loser of their league has to get a tattoo of the winners choice (My personal favorite), or a $3…

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