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PlainSong Essay Paper

People are born into situations that are not always ideal for growing up, and that is often related to said person following in the steps of a poorly guided life. These situations are not excuses for following that path because though the situation might be very bad the individual still can make their own choices and decisions, and can change the way they live life.

It is harder to make hanged, and be different than those around you, but it is entirely possible. Even without direct guidance or proper role models people still know right from wrong and can observe the people around them seeing how to act and how not to act. Following the path Of change and being an individual is not easy but on that path whether you have no parental guidance, or role models, or even if you have the perfect life, it is still your choice to act right or wrongly. If that path is taken correctly and the experiences are looked at with a positive mindset, things are essential to a successful life.

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The shift in parental roles in Plainsong impacted the children positively due to the positive developments in their characters by portraying commitment, work ethic, intestinal fortitude, and the ability to determine right from wrong. Without the classic family structure, whether it is just Mom, or no parents at all, people often associate that with a set up for failure in the child’s future, but this is not the case, and children of non-classic family structures still lead successful lives.

The McPherson brothers did not have parents growing up but instead of going on to live a negative life people would’ve expected they run and operate a successful farm. They chose to work hard, and make the best of their situation instead of allowing that lack of guidance to drag them down. Not only do they work hard and run a successful farm but they are very generous and caring individuals. They are very charitable, they gave Eke and Bobby ten dollars for working a day at the farm.

When Maggie Jones came to talk to them about Victoria living with them, they were ready to hand over money to help make her life easier. Even without a normal upbringing the McPherson brothers are still hardworking caring, generous people who are productive members to society. Victoria has a mom, but her mother has a lot of problems and does not offer guidance or advice, nor does she present herself as a proper role model for Victoria. When Victoria needed her the most in her life she kicked her out.

Even though Victoria din ‘t have a good parental upbringing she I still a committed, hardworking individual. She is faced with extremely hard and difficult problems at a young age and without a proper support system. Even though her situation is hard she still chooses o continue moving forward, working at the diner, going to school and not letting others get to her. She could’ve succumbed to the situation and gotten rid of the baby but she stayed committed to her situation and isn’t faltering even though it would be the easier thing to do.

Even without parents or a normal family structure, the individuals still have the choice to live a positive life even though it may be the harder option people born into a classic family stricture still lead to live lives that aren’t normal, or what they grew up with. Ms. Stern grew up with a family and experienced a normal life style. Even though she did grow up that way, she now lives all alone, in a gross, cheap, dirty apartment. She is extremely sick and formed very bad habits with smoking. She is very lonely and craves any human interaction that she can get.

When Eke and Bobby went to drop off the paper she made them sit down and talk like she always does, trying get enough interaction to hold herself until the next visit. Even without family problems. You can still grow up to make bed choices and end up living a life that is not exactly health or productive. Without that shift in parental roles, she mightn’t never developed DOD work ethic, and a sense of responsibility for herself. Eke and Bobby doesn’t live in a classic family structure they have to work and are rally left alone to make choices for themselves without parental guidance and so far they still lead a productive life.

They are mature for their age and they are gaining good experience by working and communicating with people older than them daily. It teaches them many things about how life works in the future. Eke and Bobby also took it upon themselves to visit there mother and make sure she was okay. They checked on her and took care of her showing hat they are mature and have a sound moral system. The outcome of an individual’s life is purely based off the choices the McPherson makes, and how committed they are to bettering or progressing their lives, or choosing not to progress at all.

When kids are given more roles and responsibility to fill in their lives at all times whether authority figures are present or not. When Eke and Bobby and there friend went to visit the house where they witnessed the situation with the girl and the two guys having sex, they knew that it was someone else’s property and knew not to touch anything. They conducted homeless in a respectful manner and were being very mature about the situation, the kid they brought with them was acting very immature, moving things around and even ended up stealing something from the house.

When the old man came in, Eke and Bobby were very apologetic, but the other kid was talking back and being very disrespectful. Every person has a moral code, and knows what is right but some people choose to ignore that and do whatever they want, that is up to the individual, and does not really pertain to the roles or lack of in the family structure. “It doesn’t matter about how any years in life but the life in those years” No matter what situation you are in, you can always choose to make the best of it.

Instead of allowing the people and circumstances to drag you down, you can learn from them and see what not to do and by doing that you can make yourself a better person. Instead of digressing or staying stagnant you can progress and become a more productive member of society. People whether they are in the most perfect situation, or the worst possible situation, people are going to turn it into a good thing or a bad thing and that is totally based off what the that pacific individual chooses to do.

Children assuming parental roles won’t rob them of a childhood but instead facilitate an easier progression through life. They can still do things children do and have those experiences but with the shift in parental roles it adds more responsibility and by doing that adds more maturity. The shift in parental roles in Plainsong impacted the children positively due to the positive developments in their characters by portraying commitment, work ethic, intestinal fortitude, and the ability to determine right from wrong.

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