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picasso Essay

Essay Topic:

The issue between the Israelites, the Jewish, and the Palestinians, the Arabs (Muslim), all really started in 1947 when the United Nations voted to give one half of Palestine to Israel.This occurred in what was formerly known as Palestine and now known as Israel. In 1948, Israel became a nation and Palestine loss land from the Israelites.
Will this issue ever end over the land of Palestine?
In 70 A.D., The Romans conquered the Jewish nations and forced the Jews off the land. For 10 centuries, Palestine was under the Islamic rule.In the 1800's, Jews started immigrating back to their homeland. By 1914, 85,000 Jews lived in Palestine.In 1917, during WWI, Great Britain issued the Balfour Declaration. It started support for a Jewish national homeland in Palestine.After WWII, many Jews were killed and had no place to go. United Nations divided Palestine into two states.The city of Jerusalem was an international city.In 1948, Jews were announced land in Palestine.In a matter of hours the Arab countries attacked Israel. At the end o 1948, Israel controlled ? of Palestine and half of Jerusalem.At the end of the war, Palestinians had no country at all. Last, in 1967, a six day war, Arab countries, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt attacked Israel.At the end, Israel gained Jerusalem, the west bank of the Jordan River from Jordan, the Golan Heights from Syria, and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt.
The two positions on this issue are the Israelis that want to maintain their homeland.Then the other side is the Palestinian's that want land to claim as their own and govern the way they want.
I think that they should go back to sharing the land.I feel Israel should own all of the land because it is their land originally but where would the Palestinians go? This same conflict will come up if the Palestinians don't have a place if their own.This way it is a compromise.

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