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Physics Lab Report: Specific Heat Paper

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Q-emaciated Abstract: In this experiment we are trying to determine the specific heat of a teal. We will deterred-nine the specific heat from a mixture. We are going to bring several objects of different temperature together. Thermal equilibrium method would be using for this experiment. The heat lost by the hot Object Will be gained by the cold Object. The system we would be consider for this experiment is insulated. In this experiment we will putting the hot metal in a calorimeter of cold water.

Slot-Gained Gametal=Sweater+Calorimeter cup and stirrer Where, Et is the equilibrium transferred, mm, CM, Tm are the mass, specific heat and initial temperature of the metal * mm, cue, Two are the mass, specific heat and initial temperature of the water * ms;s, c+s are the mass and specific heat of the calorimeter cup and the stirrer. (reference-I) Equipment: The equipment would be use for this experiment I. An aluminum calorimeter (reference 2) 2. A Celsius thermometer (reference 3) 3.

Beaker and stand(reference 4) 4. Twine 5. Heat plate (reference S) 6. Laboratory balance (reference 6) 7. Two kinds of metal Because of my illness I could not attend on this lab experiment. That is the reason why do not have the discussion and the result for this experiment.

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