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Physical Security Policy Paper

Sunica Music and Movies will secure the building with an alarm system with smart sensing technology. This alarm system will monitor all exterior and interior doors and windows as well as monitor the building for smoke, gases and fire. Video Surveillance will be installed throughout the building. Sunica will have Abloy Protec lockable thumbturn mortise locks installed to the front and back entry doors for added security. All other doors will have Hybrid Abloy Protec lever locks installed.

Sunica will issue all employees smart identification badges. This will ensure tracking of all employee’s coming in and leaving out of the building even during an emergency. All visitors will have to report to the security room to be issued a pass. Visitors will need to present identification to security upon arrival. All personnel will be fully educated on all locks, alarm systems and protocols for security. Security offices, rooms and facilities Sunica Music and Movies will have a security room located in the building.

There must be an officer in the security room at all times. The security room will be responsible for monitoring all video surveillance. There will also be another security officer patrolling the building at all times. 1. 1. 3. Isolated delivery and loading areas Sunica Music and Movies will not have isolated delivery and loading areas. To ensure all deliveries are kept secure and accurate only authorized personnel will be allowed to receive or send out any merchandise. 1. 2. Security of the information systems 1. 2. 1. Workplace protection

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Sunica Music and Movies will have video surveillance in place to help monitor any suspicious activity in or around the building at all times. Sunica will implement technical defenses including firewalls, Internet content filtering and anti-virus software on all information systems and networks. All system and network logs will be monitored constantly. All attempted intrusions to any systems or networks will be properly analyzed. The smart sensor alarm system installed within the building will monitor for smoke, gases and fires. . 2. 2. Unused ports and cabling Sunica Music and Movies will be using Cisco’s Port Security. The port security will only allow the MAC address that is it connected to ability to communicate with the port. If any other MAC address is connected to the port will disable. Administration will be the only authorized personnel to unlock the port. 1. 2. 3. Network/server equipment Sunica Music and Movies will implement electronic access controls to secure all access to network and server equipment.

Only personnel whom are authorized will have access to the equipment. Authorized personnel will have access with the use of key cards. Key cards will enable Sunica to track all access to network and server equipment. Any unauthorized entries must be reported immediately to administration. 1. 2. 4. Equipment maintenance Sunica Music and Movies will perform background investigations of all service personnel. It will be required to maintain logs of all maintenance performed. Maintenance should be completed by service personnel.

Any Work that is to be done by any third party company will be supervised by authorized service personnel or administration. 1. 2. 5. Security of laptops/roaming equipment Sunica Music and Movies will have access to laptops and roaming equipment. This equipment will be readily available only to authorized personnel or with prior written permission from administration. All equipment will need to be signed in and out. Sunica does not permit any personal laptops on the premises of this company. Cellular phones are also not permitted for use within the company except by authorized personnel.

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