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Physical and mental assaults Paper

Essay Topic:

God created human beings to create the world. In that context it created two kinds of separate human beings or genders. These genders were of male and female. Females and males were born to further move the generation and reproduce more human beings through their internal abilities. When human came towards modernity he realized the whole human process of reproduction and so from that day woman is used as a tool because after god only woman has the right to reproduce another human being. In all the ages women has been considered as a thing.

A thing to satisfy a man, a thing to satisfy other people, a thing to fulfill the demands of every relation and a lending helping hand to the families ailing from poverty. The power to bear all the injustice, burden and load has been given and gifted to woman. Woman is considered as the most powerful human being on the earth but only if she recognizes her power. Man has no restrictions towards a woman. He does everything what he wants. He always congregate things for his future and at last he only wants a woman to fulfill his life.

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Woman has always been a tool. This is because man and the society do not give her the required importance or value and the next thing is that she does not fight for her rights. If a girl is raped or some one has assaulted her then she will be afraid to tell someone even her own parents because of the irrespective behaviors of the society. All philosophers, researchers and analysts believe and this was the statements of the famous intellectuals of the past that woman is more capable, more powerful and more courageous than the man.

The problem of female assault will be solved the day when women will come to their real power and show that no man can use them or they are not a tool for satisfying one’s needs. A woman has never recognized her value. She has been unaware of the hidden powers and courage inside her. Almost everyone blames a man for the physical assault of a woman but has everyone noted or analyzed that why man has been so powerful to do what he can with an innocent girl or a married woman or a wife? The answer to this question will somewhere blame women but it is true.

Man is totally not responsible for the physical or mental assault of a woman but both the genders are partially responsible for it. It is like that a man can only touch a woman by her own will which is not called rape but physical interaction done without the will of another gender is rape either man or woman. Men usually rape or physically assault women because the have had never come to their original power which is more than a man’s one. Usually teenage girls and married women got nervous if a man or a boy teases them or try to misbehave. They get discourage the moment where they have to slap a misbehaving person.

This is a proven fact that if women could come to their power then men would be seriously afraid to talk any vulgar things about a girl or a woman and will start considering them as their mothers and sisters. “Violence affects the lives of millions of women worldwide, in all socio-economic and educational classes. It cuts across cultural and religious barriers, impeding the right of women to participate fully in society. Violence against women takes a dismaying variety of forms, from domestic abuse and rape to child marriages and female circumcision. All are violations of the most fundamental human rights. ” (Not Available)

In the context of the courage of women, only women cannot be blamed but it is the society and its boundaries that should be blamed. A society has deep aspects and effects on a normal person. A society is just like a group of people living together but having different thinking and thoughts. In a society like that of the third world and especially Islamic countries there is no value of a woman. Woman has been not allowed to stand against injustice and if a woman does so then she is regarded as a misbehaving one because in Islamic states or third world countries man has a more precious and polished value than that of the woman.

Religion does allow the rights of a woman and allows her to stand against injustice but the religious scholars who are always standing to misguide people through their fake researches say that women should not be allowed to go outside their homes and should remain restricted under boundaries. This thinking is a spell on the women world, which has been keeping them in boundaries since the initiation of this world. Today many people are afraid of sending their daughters or wives out of homes not to rescue their respect but to prove that their conservative thinking is right.

People think that through restricting a girl or a woman in boundaries one could save her respect but they do not know that at time they are making her dependant of somebody who could rescue her and killing her own inner powers and courage. Today many women face physical and mental assaults from the society in which they live. “Violence and abuse affect all kinds of people every day. It doesn’t matter what race or culture you come from, how much money you have, how old you are, or if you have a disability. Violence does not discriminate. Abuse can be physical, mental, and emotional.

Violence against women in any form is a crime, whether the abuser is a family member; someone you date; a current or past spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend; an acquaintance; or a stranger. You are not at fault. You did not cause the abuse to occur. ” (Violence against Women) Physical assault is something very common to nearly one-third women of the world. Physical assault can be clearly defined as a way to restrict a woman into boundaries and to beat and torture her. Many women who are uneducated are mostly the victims of torture and neglect. Their husbands or the outsiders subject them to torture or rape them.

In many cases firstly the girl or a woman is tortured and on resistance she is subjected to rape. Women who bear mentally sick husbands are the most un luckiest because their husbands seem to be all right but when they come to their animalism, they can do anything. Today people think that only unmarried or teenage girls are raped but the truth is that not only teenage girls but married woman who are not satisfied with their husbands or if sometimes their husbands want physical uses of them and they try to resist or ignore they are usually raped.

Many domestic women face this menace daily. They have been limited to the beds of a man, which only want to fulfill its demands and make a woman more and unhappier than she is. Besides physical assaults men have expertise themselves in mental assaults of women too. Mental assault is something which nearly every second women faces in her home but in different faces. Like if a man is not satisfy with her wife, he daily beats her up and usually injures her seriously. The women who face these violence activities to protect their animal husbands hide those injuries.

Those injuries are so critical and serious that they sometimes result in the death of a teenage girl or a married aged woman. If a woman is sexually unsatisfied with her husband and tries to complain about it hesitately then her husband instead of resolving the issue tries to hurt her physically and this results in the mental stress of a normal woman. When women like those stated above try to cope with their critical situations, they even die in the process or get in such sorts of depressions and metal illnesses that it seems they are living an undeserving life.

Many other women also are the victims of domestic violence because of their in laws. Sometimes the in laws of married women are so dangerous and selfish that they even keep the girl or a woman without food and water for several days and take away the entire dowry or the things of the girl. The cases of dowry are also the basis of physical assaults of minor girls in small villages or towns. If a family denies giving dowry and marrying their daughter then the girl has to face such circumstances that while coping with them and facing all sorts of physical and mental assaults, at last she decides to quit her miserable life.

Another reason of domestic violence is also lack of education. Rape cases are more in ratio in small villages because the girls there are uneducated and they even sometimes do not know what is happening with them. This sort of unawareness when results in the pregnancy of a minor girl, then she realizes that something illegal has been done with her. The governments of all of the countries should promote women education and make them aware of correct sex education and rape or physical and mental assaults.

For this purpose some campaigns should be organized with experienced and qualified specialists and doctors with it so that it would be much easier to deal with situations where teenage girls should not be raped and rescued from these sorts of disastrous acts. “Domestic violence involves injuring someone such as a spouse, but it can also be a parent child or other family member. Domestic violence is a serious problem. It is the most common cause of injury to women ages 15 to 44. Victims may suffer physical injuries such as bruises or broken bones. They may suffer emotionally from depression, anxiety or social isolation.

It is hard to know exactly how common domestic violence is, because people often don’t report it. There is no typical victim. It happens among people of all ages. It affects those of all levels of income and education. ” (MedlinePlus: Domestic Violence) Conclusion The web resources today have been so powerful in presenting the smallest issue faster than the lighting and the speed of a bullet train. These web resources helped me in writing this paper as the topic is an interesting one. Physical and domestic voilence in women has been in its continous form since the intitiation of this world.

All acts which go against the will of a girl or a woman are subjected in the list of domestic violence of women or minore girls. Child marriage, rape, physical and mental assaults and day to day domestic voilence between spouses are called domestic voilence. Domestic voilence increased because women bear and tolerate all the injustice done with them. It is a guarantee that if one day women come to their original power then men will be only limited to the size of a small ant. But this all depends on the will power. If one wants to do it then unity is important.

We can cope this situation by unity and if one wants to only cry at her luck then their would be many other men who would continue the chain of domestic voilence and every second nespaper will be publishing the stories of domestic voilence. So it is better to help ourseleves than to curse the luck because “God help those who help themselves. ” Works Cited MedlinePlus: Domestic Violence http://www. nlm. nih. gov/medlineplus/domesticviolence. html Accessed, May 28, 2007 Not Available http://www. un. org/rights/dpi1772e. htm Accessed, May 28, 2007 Violence against Women http://www. 4woman. gov/violence/ Accessed, May 28, 2007

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