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“Philip K. Dick. I’m alive, that you are dead” Review Paper

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Essay on “Philip K. Dick. I’m alive, that you are dead”

Philip K. Dick – one of those writers whose personality and creativity will never be able to get an unambiguous assessment. My own feelings about his texts are spread very widely – from ecstatic rapture to light disgust. The obsessive declaring to all and sundry the undisputed genius of Dick to a confused misunderstanding of how the man who wrote “Confessions imbecile” and “Do Androids Dream of artificial sheep?”, Issued at the time also “Solar lottery».

This duality of feelings regarding Philip K. Dick, and his work is clearly not unique to me. And in the process of reading, “I’m alive, that you are dead,” it is clear that it was she, and not the desire to cut money on behalf of the operating ekraniziruemogo fiction mankind (after Crichton, if you classify it to science fiction) Karrera prompted to write this book. In general, it is a logical step – to try to get closer to understanding the writer’s texts to understand his real life

The attempt to become almost successful.. Carefully guides the reader through the troubled Dick’s life (parents divorced, worked as a salesman in a music store, was six times married, took a huge number of pills, tried LSD, trying to become a “serious” writer, and, thank God, did not they, visited a psychoanalyst, passed one of the wives in the loony bin, afraid the FBI, cooperated with the FBI, wrote the damn cloud of novels and short stories, has collaborated with Hollywood, lived in obscurity, wrote exegetical work of his life, which is never finished), Karrer methodically conducts seemingly very trustworthy and parallels between the events of the writer’s life and how they are reflected in his work. Then I waited for the discovery is very valuable – it turns out, the roots of many amazing fantastic assumptions Dick lies at a depth of everyday banalities, such as non-folding relationship with another wife. Especially impressive is how refraction was the perception of the writer, how strange and incomprehensible are his literary reaction to his own life.

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By tracking these reactions, while Karrer does two things. One – a good one. He really accurately conveys the history of Dick program texts, such as “Ubik”, “The Man in the High Castle” or “Do Androids Dream …” in connection with the events of the writer’s life and assumes its internal state, thus “inducing sharpness” unsophisticated fans .

The second thing Karrer makes poor, and because of it in the first sentence of the paragraph predpredyduschego written the word “almost”. Whether the life of Philip K. Dick was really a fantastic, whether Karrer closer to the end of the book is completely dissolved in his work, but that part of the biography, which coincides with the writing “Valis” by him, “Valis” and appears to be, and to understand the where fiction, and where the facts, it is impossible. Although, maybe it’s for the better, the more that Emanuel Karrer in the afterword honestly admits that his main source “was the creation of Dick, that’s where I took everything that is not attested by any document or simply invented by me.” And rightly so. In another write a good biography of Philip K. Dick would be simply impossible. But this biography was written well.

As for me, I took up the book, to get answers to two questions. And I got them. Here they are.

Whether Philip Dick was mad? It was. Just before that there was no case to anyone except Philip K. Dick.

Did Philip K. Dick brilliant writer? Yes, there was. But no one, including the Philip K. Dick, did not understand it until his death.

A Karrera book I recommend reading all the fans of Dick, without fail. The rest – after reading “Ubik” to understand there even something .

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