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Which personality type does Myra show. harmonizing to Freudian theory? Provide grounds for your reply. What caused it? Myra must hold experienced neurotic anxiousness in the presence of her husband’s “authority” as she antecedently must hold experienced unconscious feelings of devastation against her parents because of fright of penalty.

so she exaggerates her cleansings and often portrays herself as a sufferer who does so much for others and asks so small for herself. when in world she normally over sees the cleansing and tells others what to make. and her hubby or kids help her.

This same neurotic anxiousness makes her aggressive towards her neighbour as one time grass went winging into her garden from her neighbor’s while cut downing ; and as a consequence Myra threw a tantrum and did non speak to the neighbour for two old ages.

Myra displays a distressing form of set uping relationships and so stoping them by being rude. She sometimes criticizes people to their faces. or she merely stops naming them. Furthermore. this neurotic anxiousness makes her concerned about passing money and she refrains from using it despite being in-between category and truly non hapless.

Personality Essay

As a defence mechanism. Myra has developed an anal arrested development. which manifests in her compulsion with spruceness and methodicalness.

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  Why does Myra experience that cleaning the house is her duty? How would Jungian theory explain Myra following this traditional function? Harmonizing to Jung the head or mind has two degrees ; witting and unconscious. Unlike Freud. Jung believes that corporate unconscious refers to humans’ “innate inclination to respond in a peculiar manner whenever their experiences stimulate a biological familial response inclination.

” This explains why Myra out of the blue reacts with love and continuity to the house cleanliness. tidiness and methodicalness although she had negative or at least impersonal feelings toward the occupation. particularly when we know that her female parent ever took attention of their house and thought that it was the woman’s duty to make so ; and Myra has learnt how to clean “correctly” from her female parent who punished her when she did non clean something exhaustively plenty.

Of class. her female parents belief of house cleanliness was passed to her from her female parent and so on through coevalss until it became a collective unconscious which Jung sees as independent forces called originals which. when evolved. “can be conceptualized” into character. shadow. anima. animosity. great female parent. wise old adult male. hero. and self.  How could radical behaviourism explain Myra’s cleaning behaviour?

Find illustrations of support of penalty that might hold influenced Myra’s cleaning behaviour. Harmonizing to Freud. Myra’s self-importance which is “the lone part of the head in contact with reality” and it is governed by the “reality principle” has made the determination on cleanness and spruceness of her house and pace. besides set uping things in order. And because the self-importance is partly witting. partially preconscious and partially unconscious. her self-importance can do determinations on each of these three degrees.

Myra exaggerates in cleaning her house. clean uping her pace and garden and set uping her things in order as her self-importance consciously motivates her to take inordinate spruceness. tidiness and agreements because she feels comfy and proud of her estate and things being like this and people compliment her for this. Meanwhile she may be. on her preconscious degree. merely indistinctly cognizant of her old experience when her friends or neighbours foremost praised her for the manner she cleans the house. tidies the pace and the garden and arranges her things.

Besides. she may be unconsciously motivated to be overly clean. neat and orderly “due to her childhood experiences of the lavatory training” and cleaning the house with her female parent so as to avoid hurting ensuing from her parents penalty and addition pleasance of their love and security. Besides it has been settled in her superego what she should and should non make because of her experiences with wages and penalty she must hold received from her parents during her childhood.

Therefore she can be dominated by the superego. which consequences in her “guilt-ridden or inferior-feeling individual ; ”  How could Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory explain Myra’s traditionally feminine cleaning behaviour? Harmonizing to Albert Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory. the manner we react to expected events is normally more powerful than the event itself.

Myra’s traditionally feminine cleaning behaviour can be explained on the footing of her detecting her female parent cleansing and possibly financially pull offing the house every bit good as holding the same belief that her female parent had as housekeeping is the chief duty of a adult female. Myra’s behaviour is besides reinforced by the regards she receives from her neighbours and friends who overtly express their esteems of her clean house. tidy pace and beautiful garden. This agreements with Bandura’s thought that support can be vicarious whether it is direct or indirect.

Harmonizing to Bandura’s triadic mutual theoretical account that includes behavioural. environmental. and personal factors. Myra has the capacity to modulate her life ; and her behavioural cleanliness has turned into a consistent manner of measuring and modulating her societal and cultural environment. seeing that her house is cleaner. tidier and more beautiful than any house in the vicinity or any of her friends or relatives’ houses.  Which of Horney’s demands motivate Myra? Which of Horney’s neurotic tendencies does Myra show? Provide grounds for you answer.

In conformity with Horney’s Psychoanalytic Social Theory. Myra has been influenced by cultural impacts of her society. Modern civilization is based on completion ( her hyperbole in cleanliness. tidiness and methodicalness compared to others ) which triggers off basic ill will ( in covering with her friends and neighbours ) . which. in return. consequences in isolation. ( her interruption up with friends and non take parting in productive voluntary work ) . that brings approximately “intensified demands for affection” ( her feeling of making everything entirely without being helped by anyone and exemplifying herself as sufferer or victim ) .

Childhood at any phase is considered the beginning of most jobs as a consequence of traumatic events. During her childhood Myra was physically punished by her parents ; the thing which generated a feeling of deficiency of echt heat and fondness and developed into anxiousness and ill will towards others.

From her behaviours of overdone cleanliness. ill will. salvaging money. and forbearing from take parting in productive voluntary work. Myra demonstrates some basic neurotic demands: Need to curtail her life within narrow boundary lines: she does non take part in any productive activities such as voluntary work. and she prefers to pass all her clip and energy working on her house and pace.  Need for security and power: she economizes on everything and does non pass money. which represents a beginning of power to her.

Need to work others: she breaks up with friends and relations who do non return her invitations to repasts. Need for societal acknowledgment or prestigiousness: she tries to be the best at cleansing and methodicalness and criticizes others as non equal to her. Need for personal esteem: she likes people look up toing her house cleanliness. her pace and garden tidiness and beauty. and her methodicalness. Need for flawlessness and unassailability: she ever cleans. tidy and rearrange her house. garden. pace and things so as non to be criticized ; on the contrary she ever criticizes and blames others.

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