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personal statement Paper

personal statement BY kit-li96 Prompt #1 Step back, relax, and I will you take on a Journey. A Journey into the past, of which made me the person I am today. A childhood not so bright, but one of a very promising future. There have been times of struggle, sacrifices, and hardships, but at the end of the day “What doesnt kill us can only make us stronger” This name carries generations of family history and culture, NigistiAzeb Retta Adane Retta Kesaun Yelow Selassie. I was born on September 22, 1996, in Black Lion Hospital (Ethiopia).

The daughter of Kiros Meresa, and Retta Adane, I was born into a olitical family, with relations to the last Emperor Haile Selassie. Most of my life I had no clue to who my dad really was. I met him for the first time when I moved to America, in 2001 with my mother. My father had an affair and contracted HIV, and died 7 years later. But, the first six months coming into the country, we were left with little money, and no place to live. The first few months the church placed us in women shelters, which allowed me to start going to school. Even though I was young I knew I had to learn English as soon as possible to teach my mother.

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I learned what a good work ethic was through my mother. When we first came here we had nothing, but she some how managed to get us from living in a woman’s shelter to a 2- bedroom apartment within a year. As I reflect upon my childhood, I see a caring, underweight five year old that suffered constant abuse from others. I see a girl lost, stumbling over to her principal’s office to have their weekly meeting with Social Services. Seeing my mother work day and night in order to support the two of us, I learned how to handle, and adapt to different situations.

Later on in my sophomore year of high school my friend thought it would be a good idea to Join the Blair’s poetry club. It was there that I learned how to forgive, keep faith and move on through poetry. It has allowed me to be the person I am today, open- minded, sympathetic being with a lot of hope and ambition. On the plus side I learned being involved in the community is also therapeutic. Working in a government subsidized building, I really got to help the children overcome the same situations I was in. , and lead them on to a path of a bright future.

Many of whom I still keep in contact with today, and are thriving in school. As class president taking initiative, and being a school leader has helped me build confidence. I have dreams of one day creating my own lifestyle brand. That will extend far beyond clothing, magazines, blogs, anything I can get my hands on. I will become a household name in business, and fashion. Still, I will use the success of my brand to truly make an impact in the world. To one day be able to stand up for our social, economical, and cultural rights. I know that to achieve dreams.

I must apply myself in education. Soon I will be getting my diploma, and my dream of going to college is becoming more real. I plan on getting a marketing degree, and minors in communications and public relations. I have high goals, and plans to achieve them all. Robert Frost once said, “two roads diverged into a yellow wood, and sorry I could not take both”, with that being said regardless of what life throws out at me, I know failure will not be the path I lead. Prompt #2 In the movie Pursuit of Happyiness Chris Gardner tells his son, “Don’t ever let omeone tell you, you can’t do something.

Not even me. You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you, you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period. ” This summer, I had the opportunity to intern at the Robert Rodriguez Collection, a contemporary woman’s clothing line. I heard of the program, Discovery Internships, through my counselor. The program offers guaranteed internships in the field of choice, and college credit. Its a great opportunity but quite expensive. I knew it was too much to ask of my mother, about 7000 but I could not pass up on it.

This was my sophomore year so I had a year to come up with the money. I gathered a group of friends and together through donations, car washes, and bake sales etc. We came up with almost $5500. My mother was impressed and kindly gave me check for $1500. Soon from there I applied, spoke with Aaron the Internship coordinator and was accepted immediately. Overall I feel that the whole experience from fundraising to working 10-4 taught me basic skills on being on my own. Learning how to manage my time, and how to prioritize.

As clich?© as it may sound the bigger lesson I learned is no matter what obstacles may face you, if you really want something you persevere and work your way around it. I could have never imagined myself staying home another summer being idle. From the second I heard about this opportunity I Jumped on it. In a way I proved to myself that when I really set a goal for myself, I could find the means to achieve it. I felt fearless, and strong something I can show the girls I mentor and I am proud of that. I have definitely grown as person because of this experience, and ready to take on the world.

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