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Marram Healthcare Paper

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The following sample essay on Marram Healthcare discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay’s introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down.

The healthcare industry is among the pillars that determine the success and economy of a nation, because this involves the safety and future of the citizens inhabiting it. Which is why, it is always almost imperative for a nation to ensure that the healthcare programs are aligned with the goals and purposes of seeing to it that the people are functioning and living a healthy lifestyle, in a healthy environment.

The process that ensures the efficiency of care involves the simple yet highly intricate manner with which the health care team interacts with one another.  Through communication, the goal of promoting wellness and making sure that the patient gets well comes into being.

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The effective communication among the health care personnel is the key to how a sick person gets well.  It is this premise that will be discussed in the succeeding paragraph, wherein the difference between personal and professional communication will be thoroughly defined and elaborated.

Professional Communication In Healthcare

Health care communication defined

In health care communication, the personnel involved in this team confer with each other to consult and seek information, exchange ideas, advice, or instruction. All of which carry the goal of implementing the best possible care for the patient (Servellen. 2005).

A nurse might consult with another nurse, such as when a primary nurse consults with a clinical specialist about a particular patient care. A school nurse might confer with the child’s teacher or a psychologist about certain behavioral problem. A community health nurse might confer with a physician about the patient’s activity regimen.

Communication, in the healthcare setting is a continuous process, it is endless until the goal of wellness has been reached and begins a patient is admitted. In the healthcare setting, collaborative kind of care has long been instituted as the best approach to planning and implementing patient care. Such that all the aspect of the patient’s being is addresses and the over all wellness is involved.

There is the physical, psychosocial, and even the spiritual aspect.  The kind of care given to a patient must always be holistic in approach.  This approach highly requires the participation of all discipline is science, such as, physical therapy, diet, counseling, and of course the medical aspect of care, which is the pharmacologic intervention as well as the nursing care.

The coordination among members of the health care team requires for each member to constantly interact, update, and consult each other in order to promote consistency of care and ensures the success of the primary wellness objective.

Relevance of personal and professional health care communication

An effective personal healthcare communication is important in the health care setting, because it determines the success of the health care objective.  It determines whether or not the plan of action is as effective as it should be.

The communication follows a trail of person involve, from those involve in the primary care up until the care necessary when the patient should be discharge to home.  Constant feedback, updates, and consultation is what makes the chain of communication effective (McConnel. 2002). With out proper channel, the objective could not be carried out, and the implementation of plan will falter even before it can continue.

For instance, in the aspect of implementing pharmacologic intervention, if the physician orders the certain medication to be given to the client, the primary nurse will implement this order by informing the pharmacy about this need so as the pharmacy may dispense the quantity required by the patient while being admitted.

The pharmacist will then dispense the medication back to the nurse for her to administer to the patient, but the nurse likewise is tasked to inform the rest of the health care team, such as the, the dietitian, the physical therapist, so that they will be aware of which and uses such information as the basis for each of their program to implement.

Therefore, all team members must then heed notice of the physician’s medication order, so as to avoid any detriment along the implementation of this pharmacologic intervention.

The dietitian, through this information will then be able to avoid any food that may enhance or create side effects to the patient, so over all, the main priority here is the effective communication among all team members in order to prevent any mistakes from being committed, and further ailing the already suffering patient.

Professional communication on the other hand is the kind of communication that rather requires the essence of ethics and moral.

How Personal and Professional contributes to healthcare outcomes.

When nurses detect problems they cannot resolve because they lie outside the scope of independent nursing practice or their expertise, they make consultations or referrals to other professionals. The process of inviting another professional to evaluate the patient and make recommendation to our about his or her treatment is called consultation.

The process of sending or guiding the patient to another source for assistance is called referral. A patient might be referred by a hospital to a community health nursing service for assistance with home care. The healthcare team members frequently confer with each other to plan and coordinate patient care.

Such conferences are also used for instructing students and practitioner. It is the meeting of healthcare professional which are also consequently used in instructing students and practitioner. Nurses might invite other healthcare practitioner to a nursing care conference concerning the patient’s care (Darley.2005). For example a clinical psychologist might be invited in the preceding example to address the possibility that a mental disorder is influencing this patient’s behavior.

Discuss the principles of therapeutic communication for the healthcare professional

The ability to communicate with individuals or with patient and with other health care professionals is essential for effective implementation of wellness goal. Knowledge of communication process and of effective communication techniques is fundamental to all aspect and all steps of the nursing process. At the same time, the nursing process provides the nurse with patient effectively. Health care professional, enter the health care industry to help people.

Relationships between health care professional and providers are not accomplished randomly, but through the purposeful relationships. A helping relationship exist among people who provide and receive assistance in meeting human needs. It exists in the climate for the participant to move towards common goals of meeting human needs. Therefore, need gratification occurs as a result of successful helping relationship.

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