Personal Aims and Objectives for Work Placement

The chief purposes and aims for my work arrangement in the Limerick Youth Service ( LYS ) that I would wish to accomplish are: To develop my communicating accomplishments. To derive an penetration into working in an educational environment.

To increase my assurance.

To increase my ability to work efficaciously as a member of a squad.

To develop the cognition to cover with a revelation should the circumstance occur.

During my clip working at the LYS, I hope to accomplish these purposes and aims successfully.

Description of Host Organisation

Historical Background.

Sr. Joan ‘s “ bequest – the Limerick Youth Service – provides touchable cogent evidence that positive community endeavour makes a difference ” ( McAleese, M. Joan ‘s People, 2003:5 )

The LYS was established in 1973 by Sr. Joan Bowles. In 1976, the Lower Glentworth Street premises were bought and opened ; and the redevelopment of the Ballyloughran Centre began. The resource Centre in Glentworth Street officially opened in 1987 and the Youth Information Service was established. The LYS has grown into the largest local Youth Service in Ireland, distributing throughout Limerick metropolis and county.

( Moyross, Southill, Glentworth Street, King ‘s Island, John ‘s Street, etc )

Purposes and Objectives/Mission Statement.

“ To back up and promote immature people to be active participants in determining their hereafters ”

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Service Delivery: Making certain that services delivered are immature people centred.

Engagement: Making sure the immature people feel like they are portion of something which in bend may beef up their engagement in their community.

Advocacy: Giving the young person a voice.

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Leadership: Deriving the assurance to be a leader, animating others.

Partnership: Working as portion of a squad to heighten the lives of immature people.

Excellence: Working to accomplish the best.

The purpose of the service is to recommend on behalf of all immature people in Limerick, irrespective of background, ethnicity, economic position or vicinity, whilst empowering and promoting them to take a prima function in determining their ain hereafters and that of their communities

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Organizational Size and Structure.

The LYS is one of the largest Young person Services in the state, distributing throughout Limerick metropolis and county. Undertakings range from Garda Diversion Projects, Youth Cafes, Youth Justice Projects and Youth Intervention Projects to the Community Training Centre Projects. The LYS plays a immense function in the lives of the immature people of Limerick and this is chiefly down to the big figure of youth workers, drug workers, counselors, instructors, voluntaries and anyone working with the general working of the LYS throughout the many and varied Centres in Limerick.

Work Placement Description

Description of section where work arrangement was located.

=Community Training Centre/F.E.T.A.C=

“ Limerick Youth Service Community Training Centre offers Education and Skills based preparation to immature people in a non-judgemental, supportive and vivacious environment ”

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I was based in the LYS Community Training Centre ( CTC ) in Glentworth Street in Limerick metropolis. The CTC has over 150 pupils in assorted educational programmes such as:

Junior Certificate

Leaving Certificate Applied


During my arrangement, I was working with the F.E.T.A.C trainees. These trainees are divided into Groups A, B, C, D, E and Horticulture ; each group contains between eight and 15 pupils. Groups A-E are based in the CTC in Glentworth Street, while the Horticulture group are in Southill Southside Factory. In the CTC, each group spends either a forenoon or afternoon in categories, working on their F.E.T.A.C faculties and the remainder of the twenty-four hours working in their chosen undertaking.

The pupils work through a series of faculties throughout their two old ages at the Centre, working through a full Degree 3 Certificate and traveling on to Level 4. These faculties include:

Retail Gross saless

Consumer Awareness

Personal and Interpersonal Skills

Food and Nutrition

Stress Awareness

Health Related Fitness

Mathematicss Communicationss



The undertakings ran in the CTC include:




Funky Flowers


These undertakings give the trainees the opportunity to see mundane on the job life. The trainees besides complete an I.A.S faculty based on the undertaking they are in. This is an Integrated Assessment System and is based on the practical work they do along with the theory that coincides with the undertaking they are in.


I was besides linked with the Horticulture Group. The Gardening undertaking is located in the Southside Factory in Southill. When there, the trainees work with Ger O ‘ Brien ( Horticulture Instructor ) , in the tunnel – make fulling baskets, window boxes and pots, doing up the window boxes and care. They besides have categories, as like the CTC, where they work on their F.E.T.A.C faculties. They besides have activity clip, where they can play pool, have a boot about or surf the web.

Work Placement duties/responsibilities and how these evolved.

I worked 9-4 each twenty-four hours in the LYS. One of my chief responsibilities throughout my arrangement was literacy and numeracy support. There are seven categories each twenty-four hours, three in the forenoon and four in the eventide. The trainees worked on their assorted F.E.T.A.C faculty enchiridions in these categories. My function in the schoolroom was to assist certain trainees with reading, explicating the inquiries or spelling, as many have larning troubles, particular demands or aliens who do non hold English as their chief linguistic communication.

At the beginning of my arrangement, a new degree 4 Tiling faculty was to be introduced. As I would be helping in the bringing of this faculty when linked with the Horticulture group, I was asked to assist with the research and the seting together of the new stuff. This was a long procedure as all the information had to be laid out every bit clearly as possible to do it easy to understand.

The LYS sets up athleticss faculties for the trainees each hebdomad. Sometimes, I had to travel out to UL with one of the instructors and a Group, if the regular pupil was non in. Each group got a opportunity to travel play the athletics happening at each clip ( changed every fifth hebdomad ) , be it badminton, football or volleyball. On reaching at the tribunal in UL, the session began with the instructor explicating the rudimentss of the peculiar athletics and so acquiring the trainees to set this into practise. The athletics session lasted for an hr and when back at the Youth Centre, the trainees were given worksheets to finish, based on the athletics merely covered ; so I helped any trainee that needed aid traveling back over the theory of the athletics or spelling.

At the beginning of my arrangement, I was linked with the Horticulture Group, which meant I was supposed to be working with this group out in Southill for the continuance of my arrangement ; unluckily nevertheless, I merely got one month with this group in the terminal, as Ger was absent for two months due to an hurt. However, when I was working with them, my duties evolved, in that, in the CTC, where I was needed as a schoolroom support ; in Southill, I was needed to help in the existent bringing of the F.E.T.A.C degree 3 / 4 faculties. This was a immense duty to take clasp of – as, when in the categories in the CTC, there was the confidence of holding a instructor in the category besides, whereas, in Southill, I was on my ain – nevertheless, I was determined to take it on. Working with the Horticulture group, my duties included the instruction of the categories, organizing times for the ILP ‘s, assisting Ger in the tunnel and instance conferencing.

=ILP – Individual Learning Plan=

On the first Wednesday of every month an ILP twenty-four hours was held. Every trainee has a cardinal worker. On ILP twenty-four hours, trainees meet with their cardinal worker and travel through the advancement they have made since the last meeting, marks they have achieved and would wish to accomplish by the following meeting, general well-being, attending, etc. For the ILP ‘s, I organised the times for each of the trainees in the Horticulture group to be in at and asked the inquiries along with Ger, which the trainees answered into their booklet. When all the meetings ended, I typed the information given into a database with all their old ILP information.

=Case Conferencing=

This was a meeting with Ger and myself, the director, a young person worker, an protagonism worker, and the learner support teacher. The twenty-four hours before the instance conference, Ger asked me to compose up a few points on each of the trainees based on attitude, attending, advancement on F.E.T.A.C faculties, how they get along with the remainder of the group, etc. During the meeting, myself and Ger went through each of these with the others, who gave feedback on what each trainee should travel onto following, whether or non they should travel on work experience, how long they have left in the programme and so on. I took note on what booklets to roll up from the Youth Centre for any trainee that needed a new faculty.

When working out in the tunnel with Ger, I helped with the care of the flowers, composing out grosss, composing out orders for flowers, numbering anything that came in from orders and taking note of how many baskets, pots or window boxes that went to the Youth Centre to be sold.

Work Placement Supervision and any Training.

I attended staff preparation yearss within the service which were made available to us, including Manual Handling and Child Protection.

=Manual Handling=

The manual handling class covered how to transport or travel heavy objects to diminish the hazard of hurt to the dorsum. Manual handling besides includes seeking to cut down the hazard of hurt by flexing and writhing, insistent gestures or keep fixed places for long periods at a clip. Robert Graham conducted this class and went through all the theory. At the terminal, we had a practical of traveling a box, by keeping the right position, flexing the articulatio genuss and maintaining our dorsums straight, keeping the box at the Centre of gravitation of our organic structure and puting the box back down.

=Child Protection=

At the beginning of my arrangement, I completed a two twenty-four hours Child Protection class. Throughout this class we completed four faculties in Raising Awareness on Child Protection Issues. In the first faculty, we went through legal contexts, definition and cognition of kid maltreatment and guidelines to covering with a revelation. In the 2nd faculty, we went into a more in-depth item on the legal contexts, how to develop a kid protection policy, processs for describing suspected or disclosed maltreatment and how to enter them. In the 3rd faculty, we explored issues of enlisting, choice and direction of staff and voluntaries and support systems available. In the 4th faculty, we went through how to place ways of making a safer environment whilst working with kids and immature people – kids ‘s rights, kid centred attack and codifications of behavior. On completion of this class, I received a certification of engagement from the HSE.

Contemplation on Work Placement Experience

Your response to the Work Environment and your Role.

I admit, I did non accommodate really rapidly to this arrangement, as it was ab initio really dashing. Being quite shy and quiet and coming from the state, the ideas of working with the immature people of Limerick metropolis in the LYS – all of whom had dropped out of school and the bulk had been in problem with the Gardai – was rather terrorizing. I had the stereotyped position of ‘hoodies ‘ and sing I used to traverse the route when nearing a group of them in the metropolis, I did non cognize how I would respond working in the LYS.

However, maintaining an unfastened head – which is really necessary, sing you hear everything from fellows, gestations, household jobs to stealing autos and drugs, and besides being asked everything about your ain life – I found I finally settled into arrangement and rather enjoyed the experience.

With respects to my function in the arrangement, I found I adapted rather good. Equally long as the trainees did non experience excessively pressured and realised that we wanted to be at that place and assist, they were easy to work with. Bing a schoolroom helper was a really rewarding experience, when the trainees were in the signifier for work. Yes, there were yearss when there was non a hope that work would be done, because if a trainee was non in the temper to work, so there was no opportunity that it was traveling to go on, as they do non truly hold any involvement in the categories – hence, the bulk have dropped out of mainstream school – so I merely took it twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours as it came. This is what I found throughout my arrangement – no two yearss were the same.

Social and Cultural accommodation.

Most of the trainees I was working with were from disadvantaged backgrounds, from different states or from a traveler background, so there were many cultural differences. As I mentioned before, I had stereotyped many of the immature people as the typical ‘hoody ‘ type, nevertheless, after working in the LYS this changed.

A batch of the trainees in the Youth Centre had hapless literary accomplishments and it was surely an eye-opening experience to see this – how had so many immature people fallen through the mainstream instruction system? How so many been able to acquire through primary school without being able to read or compose is flooring. Many of these immature people, nevertheless, felt as if they did non necessitate any instruction to acquire through life. This was surely a different experience, sing I was ever brought up with the usual expression of ‘stay in school ‘ and grew up with people who were told the same and brought up with the same ethical motives.

Quite a few of the trainees were travelers, which is a wholly different cultural background to mine. The ground many of the travelers are in the Youth Centre in the first topographic point is to gain money for their households. Again, many have left or been kicked out of school because they were non accepted or non seen to travel far in life. Traveller households are particularly rigorous with the misss and this is the ground many of the traveler miss marry immature – every bit immature as 15 and 16. Many of the traveler misss in the Youth Centre are either engaged or married. This is a complete civilization daze compared to my ain. I am decidedly more culturally cognizant after acquiring the chance to work with people who have backgrounds really different to my ain.

Challenges/Problems experienced and how you responded.

The chief challenge I experienced with my arrangement was deriving the regard of the trainees, as there was really small age difference and many of them were closed-minded and merely wanted to acquire through the twenty-four hours without seting in the attempt needed. Although being at that place to assist, sometimes the trainees were merely earnestly non in the signifier for working and seeking to acquire them to compose a sentence was impossible. Bing reasonably much the same age as the trainees – younger in some instances – made it difficult to acquire many of them to listen besides. They felt as if “ Why should I listen to her when she ‘s younger than me? “ , which I wholly understood. On these occasions, I remained composure, tried to acquire the trainees to gain I was merely at that place for their ain benefit and tried to acquire them to make a little spot of work, be it a page or two, of the faculty they were working on. I ne’er pushed them to make excessively much at these times as I knew this could do the state of affairs worse.

Another clip, one of the trainees began to do inappropriate comments, like whistling at me. I kept disregarding the behavior, believing they may come to gain it was raging me. One twenty-four hours, one of the instructors heard them and he was sent place. He had to apologize and I accepted his apology on the status that it was to halt, which he agreed to make.

Personal Development.

I found working in this arrangement ab initio really daunting because, as I mentioned before, I had stereotyped them all to be ‘hoodies ‘ . However, one time I settled into the arrangement, I realised this to be untrue. Many of the immature people in Limerick have these labels stuck on them because of where they are from, their background or their civilization. This experience taught me non to pre-judge people before I get to cognize them which I see as a large personal development.

Before working in the Youth Centre, if I was walking along the street in the metropolis and came across a group of young persons that had that typical ‘hoody ‘ expression, I found myself traversing the route to avoid them. However, this changed through working with the immature people in the LYS. I now know that nine times out of 10, there is nil to be worried about when go throughing these immature people – the bulk of them are really nice people – and I no longer traverse the route.

I find I am more confident for holding worked in the LYS, as in the beginning I was rather diffident and quiet. However, after working with the trainees, there is no pick but to derive assurance as they will state it like it is and ask every inquiry about your personal life ; so assurance is cardinal when covering with them.

How the Work Placement complemented your Academic Programme.

I chose to make the Arts class as I had an involvement in go oning on to finish an hDip and travel into secondary instruction. So working in the Youth Centre gave me a good penetration into what it is like working with immature people in a schoolroom scene. So in this manner I believe that my arrangement at the LYS complemented my academic programme.

Deductions for Career Plans.

Not to the full cognizing what I want to make with respects to my calling, the placement twelvemonth was really good. Placement at the LYS gave me a great penetration into working in an educational and youth work environment. Having volunteered at my local young person nine a few old ages ago, I knew I was interested in working with immature people and after my arrangement in the LYS this has strengthened my involvement, so much so, I am earnestly sing a calling in this line of work.

Specific Area of Interest

The most interesting facet of my arrangement in the LYS was happening out all the work that is done for the immature people of Limerick metropolis and county throughout all the assorted Centres in Limerick. Before my arrangement, I thought all the LYS was in Glentworth Street ; nevertheless, I could non hold been more incorrect. There are many and varied Centres throughout all of Limerick including:

Northside Youth Cafe

Moyross Youth Intervention Project

Southill Youth Intervention Project

Northside Youth Justice Project

Garryowen Youth Justice Project

King ‘s Island Youth Project

Rathkeale Youth Project

Castleconnell Youth Project

Young person Information

Southill Fullflex Project

Our Lady of Lourdes RESIN Project

John ‘s Street Garda Youth Diversion Project

Young person Baseball clubs

Youth Democracy Undertakings

Drugs Undertakings

Limerick City Youth Forum

=Northside Youth Cafe=

The Northside Youth Cafe provides a merriment and safe environment for the immature people in the community to run into new people hang out with friends. It provides a infinite with music, information, advice, extracurricular activities and much more. Equally good as utilizing the Cafe , the immature people can go involved with the running of the cafe besides. This Youth Cafe , along with the others in Limerick, is a great manner of maintaining the immature people off the street and out of problem.

= Youth Intervention Projects=

The Youth Intervention Projects in Moyross and Southill are aimed at the immature people of the countries, between 10s and 16 old ages old. They are funded by the HSE and their chief purposes are to develop societal and personal accomplishments of the immature people, to give the educational support to the immature people to assist them stay in mainstream schooling and to back up the households of the immature people involved.

=King ‘s Island Youth Project=

This undertaking is run for the immature people of the St. Mary ‘s Park country, aged between 12 and 18 ; by the Limerick Youth Service and the Gardai . It aims to assist immature people stay out of a life of offense and assist them do positive picks by supplying services such as drop-in installation, household support, summer programmes, activities and calling counsel.

=Southill Fullflex Project=

In the ‘Southside Factory ‘ , there is a broad assortment of installations available for the immature people of the environing communities. These installations include: a Youth Cafe , PC Suite, Art Room, Music Room, Recording Studio, Dancing Studio, Pool Tables, Sports Pitches and Meeting Rooms. The LYS CTC ‘s Horticultural group work from this infinite besides – a tunnel is set up outside which keeps all the flowers and merchandises made by them. “ The purpose of the Southside Youth Space is to supply a location where immature people can prosecute in a procedure of growing and development that will ease them in accomplishing their full potency. ”

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=Limerick City Youth Forum=

The Limerick City Youth Forum meets hebdomadally and organise events for the immature people of Limerick. They besides act as a voice for the immature people, discoursing and runing the cardinal issues of concern of the Youths.

=Garda Youth Diversion Projects=

The purpose of these undertakings is to seek and forestall the immature people in the country from acquiring involved in a life of offense and anti-social behavior by acquiring them involved in merriment, educational and vocational programmes. These programmes offer the immature people to work together as a squad and acquire to cognize and run into new friends. These youth recreation undertakings besides try to heighten the relationship between the immature people and the Gardai .

When I began in the LYS and found out about all the different Centres and undertakings, I was amazed, but interested to happen out about them all. Although I did non acquire to see all of them, it was interesting to see how they all interlinked with each other, for illustration, the Horticultural group working from the Fullflex Centre ; the athleticss activities held on a Monday involved trainees from both the CTC and John ‘s street and if available they used the athleticss installations in Fullflex. I looked up information on what the remainder of the undertakings worked on and cognize some other pupils who worked in some of them besides and were needed to organize young person nines. The Limerick Youth Service is a really dedicated administration and works to better and heighten the lives of the immature people in Limerick metropolis. It is a shame that in the current economic position, the Ballyloughran Leisure Centre had to be closed as it was a great manner for the trainees to acquire off from the norm of working and category work and acquire a spot of clip to loosen up and bask themselves.

the Limerick Youth Service has accomplished rather an sum on really limited financess and the most meager if so any fiscal support from our local Government Body. But to be realistic if we are to go on even at our present rate of enlargement and hope to develop our Service for the immature people of Limerick to anything what we would wish it to be so we need farther support and public support

( Forde. 2003:73 )


Placement at the Limerick Youth Service was a truly eye-opening experience. It made me gain the extent of which the immature people of Limerick metropolis are being labelled – wrongly. The LYS shows that if they are given a opportunity, they can accomplish anything they want.

I fell I achieved all my purposes and aims that I set for myself at the beginning of my arrangement. My communicating accomplishments improved vastly throughout this arrangement, as they are rather indispensable for this type of work, as the bulk of the trainees are really vocal and it was really of import to listen to them. When working in the schoolroom, I gained an penetration into what it is like to work in an educational scene ; assisting the trainees with their booklets, rectifying the booklets and organizing any booklets needed. This was a good experience as I am interested in secondary instruction as a possible calling, so this gave me an thought of what it is like working in a schoolroom.

Working in this arrangement increased my assurance significantly, as in the LYS, the trainees can be hard to cover with and it is merely with assurance that there is any opportunity of acquiring the immature people to listen. I believe I worked as portion of a squad while on arrangement in the LYS. Working in the schoolroom with the instructor and sometimes another pupil, we had to work together to make up one’s mind who worked with who and to acquire the category to run every bit swimmingly as possible.

Throughout my arrangement, I completed a Child Protection class and in this we dealt with how to cover with revelations – by remaining composure, listening, believing them, reassuring them, entering what they said in authorship and describing the revelation.

Overall, my arrangement in the Limerick Youth Service was rather gratifying. It was a really good arrangement as it has given me a great experience in working in an educational environment. During my clip at that place, I reached all my purposes and aims that I was trusting to accomplish and derive a batch of experience and cognition into working in Youth Work.

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