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Person Health Assesment Paper

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Personal health is a term that is used to refer to one’s state of complete physical, mental and social well being. In addition it includes absence of diseases in one’s body. Every person requires being healthy in order to carry out his or her daily routine effectively and on time.

It is for this reason that each person carries out his or her personal health assement.

For the last one year I have not had any serious health problems, though from time to time I have had minor body ailments. My mental health has been good, I have not experienced   depression, stress or other mental-related diseases .I have been able to use my cognitive and emotional capabilities, function well and meet my everyday life demands .I also feel capable and complete, can handle stress, live an independent life as I maintain satisfying relationships.

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My body measurements are above average. This includes my height and weight. Normal weight has been through improved nutrition and health care. Proper nutrition protects the body from weight-related diseases or disorders. I have not had any allergic diseases .

A wide variety of food types can be eaten without developing allergic complications. This has been an advantage in balancing my diet. No chemicals or environmental sensitivies have been observed. Therefore I have been able to stay in varying environments especially those that assist me in keeping me healthy .For example, I have gone camping and hiking in areas that other people are allergic to (their components).

My blood sugar level has been normal as required by the body .I go for examination very often .In addition, my blood pressure is fine as confirmed by the doctor’s examination. This is due to proper nutrition where components that cause these diseases are only consumed in required levels .I have had digestive problems and diarrhoea at least once per month. This is usually experienced when I take food types that I have not taken for a long time.

I rarely get headaches or migraines, unless when I’m exposed to extreme weather conditions or very loud music. No skin disorders or sleep problems have bee experienced.

Problems that I may experience include backaches due to my working under strenuous conditions sometimes .I’m also prone to not taking enough water every day as required. This

may result to constipation. . Digestive problems and diarrhoea may arise due to my tendency to eat foods that I have not eaten for a long time when I come across them. If I expose myself to extreme weather conditions or very loud music, I’m likely to get headaches or migraines.

High cholesterol levels in my body are a possible in future, since sometimes I take high-cholesterol foods much often.

Strategies that can optimize wellness in later life for me and for others are very critical in

Proper nutrition assists in regulation of food components that one puts into the body. One avoids taking disease-causing components if taken in large amounts, while eating foods that boost the immune system. Also helps prevent deficiency in the body.

Physical exercises maintain the physical fitness of the body .It prevents diseases like cancer, heart disease, obesity and a back pain .It promotes healthy weight, healthy bones and strengthens immune system. Keeping warm during the cold weather keeps one from catching a common cold or a running nose.

Positive thinking, building confidence in one’s self and meditation helps reduce stress which may cause mental disorders. Ensuring proper hygiene of the body and the surroundings prevents infections and illnesses. Proper medication should always be sought in case of an illness to prevent serious complications. Consultation should be with a competent physician .All these ensure good personal health.


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This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on Person Health Assesment and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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