The Perfect Crime Essay

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Genre:Crime thiller Story draft: Two cops were deliberately challenged by an unknown figure to solve few crimes committed by him. Each of this crime leads to the identity of the villain. He wants the cops to admit that he’s the perfect crime’ster. 1st crime:Bank robbery Using sonar technology(dark knight),villain gets the 3d map of the bank.

On the day of the execution,2 masked mens glides from one roof to the banks roof. 1 of them heads to the ventilation and the other heads to the telephone and security alarm system of the bank. nd robber dis-alarms the security system and the other adds chloroform to the air ventilation system. After 10 minutes,2 robbers enters the bank and they lock up the front door indicating its close. All four of them rushes to the vault and starts drilling. Click. Vaults open as the four robbers rushes and starts filling the cash in a garbage bag. They rush to the back emergency door and place the garbage bags filled with money in the trash bin and runs away in taxi.

Moments later,police comes to the crime scene and starts to rush into the building. A garbage truck comes by and collects all the trash and leaves. 2nd crime:Gold bar heist While closing hours,the owner of a big jewelery shop was waiting for the arrival of huge amounts of gold bars illegally brought in from africa. The owner had the company of four call girls who was flirting with him.

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The owner receives a text message saying that the golds have arrived. He heads down to assist them to unload.

Soon as the unloading finishes,the owner heads up stairs where the call girls were waiting for him. 1 of them seduces him and lays him on the bed while another girl gave him a pill claiming that it was a erection enhancement pill. The owner takes the pill and sleeps off. The girls head down and doing all the neccesary stuffs like shutting of the cameras and security alarms,filling all the gold bars in a bag and leaving the place within 15 minutes Hero arrives at the first crime scene analyzing the details. Heroin analyzes the second crime scene.

The Perfect Crime Essay

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The Perfect Crime Essay
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