People V. Sisuphan

The following sample essay on People V. Sisuphan Appellant Lou Surivan Sisuphan took $ 22. 600 in hard currency and $ 7. 275. 51 from ( Toyota Marin [ the franchise ] suspect ) his employer’s safe on July 3. 2007. He did this in hopes that a coworker would be held responsible for the disappearing of the money and would be terminated. Sisuphan was convicted of peculation on April 15. 2008. In June 2008 he entreaties from the judgement of strong belief. postulating that the test tribunal made a error when it failed to teach the jury that at the clip he took the money.

he intended to return it before condemnable charges were filed. He besides states that the test tribunal excluded grounds on that he restored the money to the company. claiming this grounds proved he ne’er intended to maintain it and hence lacked the needed purpose for the offense. Issue

“The inquiry. before us. therefore. is whether grounds that Sisuphan returned the money moderately tends to turn out he lacked the needed purpose at the clip of the pickings.

” Was his the Fifth Amendment right to show defence and “all pertinent grounds of significance value to that defense” violated? Rule of Law

The Fifth Amendment right to show defence and “all pertinent grounds of important value to that defense” was non violated because the “return of the belongings is non a defence to embezzlement. Deceitful purpose is an indispensable component of peculation. Although Restoration of the belongings is non a defence. grounds of refund may be relevant to the extent it shows that a defendant’s purpose at the clip of the pickings was non deceitful.

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” Analysis

Since Martin Sisuphan was authorized to pull off the funding contracts and obtain payments from loaners on behalf of the suspect the case was effectual. It does non count that there was no purpose of stealing the money because Section 508 ( of the California Penal Code ) states: “Every clerk. agent. or retainer of any individual who fraudulently appropriates to his ain usage. or secretes with a deceitful purpose to allow to his ain usage. any belongings of another which has come into his control or attention by virtuousness of his employment is guilty of peculation. ”The issue is that Susuiphan intended to utilize the money for a intent other than to which the franchise entrusted it to him. therefore the grounds that he returned the money before condemnable charges were filed is irrelevant. The judgement is affirmed. Plaintiff was sentenced to 120 yearss in detention and 3 old ages of probation.

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People V. Sisuphan
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