Dear Squealer, I am writing to you to ask for your help, I consider you as someone who I can trust and confide with. At the moment I cannot reveal my whereabouts in case this document falls into the wrong hands, Napoleon! I will get straight to the point; our current situation is looking very bleak, I fear for both your life and mine. Napoleon has been abusing our new society on Animal farm and he will do astonishing things to achieve what he wants.

He is slowly gaining power over us and our comrades; he has changed Animalism into a dictatorship led by him!

Our lives will be his and only for his wishes, we have and will be turned into personal slaves for Napoleon to have at his disposal. He will change issues that we use to believe in; he will brain wash us into believing what he wants us to. I need your help to stop this tyrant.

What I propose is that we join together to from a new equal society, run by ourselves. This new society will stand for every animal that accepts the society’s beliefs; it will be a society that lives in peace and harmony.

I want to make a enthuses on being equal, after all that was what Animalism stood for, no animals have any higher right than another animal. You and myself will not have a leadership or any sort of control over the other animals; we will just keep peace and order.

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I seriously think that my idea and theory would be a great success if you were appeared to join me and overthrow this tyrant from his reign of terror. I have took much time and effort over thinking how we are going to overthrow Napoleon, I have come up with a cunning plan!

It does not involve fighting or any sort of physical campaign against Napoleon. It is the idea of “Peaceful Protest”; we will organise marches and demonstrations through Animal Farm. Also, if the animals boycott Napoleon’s slave labour and any sort of activities, which would help Napoleon’s empire. One of the main areas, which I think would be good to boycott, is Napoleon’s food supply, without food his empire will slowly melt down. I say slowly because we may not achieve our aim of a peaceful society quickly.

It could be a slow and tedious task but the results at the end will be very satisfying. I have been reading up on “Peaceful Protest” and I came to a conclusion yesterday that it would be the best way of going about overthrowing Napoleon. By making peaceful protests it would also represent what our new society believes in, animals being equal and peaceful! By all means if you have an idea or theory which you think would be much more practical than mine I am open to suggestions.

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