Aelius Aristides obviously believes there are many benefits to the Pax Romana.Aristides feels that having a centrally run government is the best way for an empire to thrive.Through this government, greater trade is capable and no rebellions will occur. Another benefit is the concept of equality.Everyone living under the Roman Empire has citizenship and is therefore is equal.The governor sets an example of the proper way to be a citizen.In turn, the subjects follow by example, thus, order and peace reign throughout.

First of all, this speech was given in front of the Emperor.You cannot speak pessimistically of your ruler to his face.Secondly, Aelius Aristides is living in Greece during a time of peace.This peace is very unique and well received in Greece particularly.Living in Greece, Aristides may not see the flaws of the Republic or he just might not care.He would like this peace to last thus giving him a biased viewpoint.

The exaggeration used is a means for propaganda.While Aristides knows there are flaws, the good outweighs the bad. I believe Aristides portrayal of the Pax Romana is a fair one.Nowadays, you cannot open the paper without reading about a hostage situation in Russia or a bomb going off in the Middle East.I am a firm believer that the ends justify the means.Yes the Roman Republic was fairly corrupted.Elections were rigged and the citizens really had no political power. The fact of the matter is, between 27 B.

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C. and A.D. 180, no major wars were fought.The economy went through ups and downs like it always does, but the governmental system in place was structured around equality and assimilation.This proved to be successful and enduring.…

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