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Patterns of Hamstring Tears and Strains in Professional Sports Essay

Essay Topic:

The tearing and straining of a hamstring muscle in professional sports occurs more often than you would think. Hamstring tears and strains usually occur to older players in sports, more so towards their professional career compared to their younger ages. A muscle strain is an anatomical and function disruption of the muscle-tendon unit. The severity of a muscle strain depends on the extent of tissue damage, inflammation and loss of use. A muscle tear is a complete disruption of the musculotendinous unit with severe pain, swelling and lack of use.

This study is important because hamstring tears and strains are very common in professional sports and with the severity of this muscles presence in your body, it could affect your career.

Does stretching out your hamstring muscle help reduce the possibility of straining or tearing the muscle? Does strengthening the muscle with workouts help make the muscle more resistant to strains and tears? In their hypothesis they believe that strengthening and stretching the muscle does indeed reduce the chances of straining or tearing the hamstring muscle. Their reasoning is that the strengthening and continue usage of that muscle will decrease the chances of a strain or even a tear of the muscle. Stretching the muscle also loosens the muscle and keeps the muscle from tightening when you have continuous movement and strain on the

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The method used to test the theory of stretching a muscle in this article is, they say that a warm muscle if more flexible andallows more movement than that of a cold muscle. A cold muscle does not move as well as a warm muscle, it is not as flexible and doesn’t allow you to make the same amount of movements as a warm muscle does. There isn’t really any specific tests that can be done but sports players know that stretching before a game or practice definitely reduces the chances of an injury. But they do show the amount of injuries sustained

in a cold game com…

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