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Your story does not need to be the same as everyone else, it will be mysterious Clarity of calling often needs to come through community 2/4/15 Do you think you’re call will ever get fuzzy? It will. Revisiting your calling is important and necessary Vocational calling All Christians are called to service Big issues in ministry- helping others discern their call, hopefully discerning before in college Pastors have a unique call William Temple and his 3 fold call Called to Christ Called to the People of God Called to Service/Mission Breadth of calling (you want people to discover the fullness of their calling) To work (vocation)

To marriage (or singleness) To family To community (Church) To service Common Good Call to Pastoral ministry It is like the calls to other ministries Different realm in the church Churches are different creatures than other humanitarian/non-profit organizations Different rhythms (weekends – evenings) Work on day no one works, work stuff at nights Call into ministry Inner sense Of Call from God (Pieties) External call sending people of God (home congregation) receiving people of God (we want you! Two stage call 1st call called to preparation (seminary) 2nd call called to pastoral ministry called to missions (cross-cultural) allied to non-congregational ministry sometimes there is a call to a specific pastoral identity preacher/teacher pastoral care pastoral counseling children’s ministry youth ministry administration missions evangelism ministry tensions generalist or specialist pastor or entrepreneur interim or semi-permanent career or vocation denominations world Christianity vs.

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local expression 2/6/15 ministry in different contexts national institutional example: local pastor that is a part of a national organization and receives the image of what that organization is experiencing national contextual example: being a pastor in 2015 is different that in 1886.

The two worlds are very different local institution each individual church has a history that you need to learn and study. What are the tensions in the church, what are the successes, how has God moved in the past local contextual church lifestyle “movements can’t keep their momentum forever and at some point they need to establish order/institutionalize.

Ministry Essay

The organization/movement becomes a monument, which is solid/lifeless” agents that will kill churches adultery (10 years to get back to normal) bad preaching bad people churches in denominations will have records on file to help display what stage f life the church is in independent churches will have reports, you want to look over 10 law-grace spectrum competing values, “we affirm that there is grace but there’s also a place for law’ seen in the first 10 minutes heavy in law- you’ll leave feeling burdened heavy in grace- leave feeling good about love but discouraged looking around at the people how does the church deal with divorce? Non-reconciliation habits “hard-living people” are people who are still “rough around the edges” welcome in the church? Questions like… Who would not feel welcome here and why?

Church government Hierarchal One leader who makes decisions for all Example: Roman Catholic Church Congregational Every decision is ran through the congregation Representative Body of elders who make decisions together When interviewing for a church position, ask… How are decisions in this church made? What were the last 5 and how was it? How well does the church allow for outliers? Denominational? Baptist Presbyterian Pentecostal Anglican Congregation Non-denominational Disadvantages to being here because there are less people you can be connected with, more difficult to get that first job 3 church paradigms Christendom Congregations Parish-based, denominationally loyal

Attraction church Competition, best programs Full service, 24/7 Example: Burger King “have tryout way”‘ Hardest church to pastor, consumerist animal that is never satisfied Mission church Recognize the need to be a missionary outpost to reach people for Christ since no one was coming to church 2/11/15 notes in journal 2/1 3/15 sometimes a church does not want a strong leader because they want someone that they can domesticate, or make into whatever they want them to be if they give you responsibility but no authority, then say no you always want to hear about the relationship with the previous pastor snoop around aka a search committee member you’re getting closer to for a drive and ask about the skeletons if the previous pastor broke the churches trust, it’ll take S to rebuild 10 if they committed adultery or embezzled impression without expression will lead to depression case study reflection when coming into a church with trust for the pastor, it is easy to do things quickly in this situation, there is limited power available to the 29 year old pastor.

If the pastor were to try and call a meeting to kick her out ,they would themselves probably be voted out always think about what you are leaving or the pastor after you what is the mission of the church long term solution lead deacon training for about a year to help them understand the role slowly lead that group off until a new deacon group is ready to come on work around and isolate the virus build healthy situations because they will help the sick systems lead bible studies in your house be with the people Worship issues (continued) Helpful websites COLI Song Select Hymnal. Org Worcestershire. Org Systemic. Com Leading worship Preparation of heart Heart needs to be ready on Sunday morning Can’t stay up late on Saturday nights. They are a runway to Sunday morning ND need to be taken seriously Careful planning Be 6 months out preaching 1 month out of planning for worship Practice readings Thoughtful prayers Transitions Help the whole thing have a seamless whole Who are you leading? Regular people who don’t know some of the things you know, they are not seminarians Churches are on 4 way axis’s… Where do you plant the church?

Horizontal-vertical axis Community -? congregation Formal – informal axis Contextually Is your service open to outsiders or structure so that only people who are familiar with church will be comfortable? Unstated narrative in worship There’s a story going on in your worship, what is your story? In every way you design worship, you’re teaching your congregation something 2/25/15 worship as a performance audience is God actors are the congregation the worship leader or pastor is the stage director sacraments placement in the service naturally a response to the Word you’re hearing Gods word through the sermon and then through the sacrament you’re touching it Eucharist- a good touch issues of children and families example of best friends baptizing each other free worship usually does earlier spontaneity?

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