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Millions and 1000000s of people drink cow’s milk every twenty-four hours. Milk has become an evident necessity in an copiousness of peoples’ lives. Many people use milk for breakfast such as on cereal. seting in their java or merely as a glass of milk with toast.

At most food market shops. the picks are fat free. one per centum. two per centum. and whole milk. It is believed that milk as a beginning of Ca leads to strong castanetss. but this belief has its disparagers and has become controversial. Ads such as “Got Milk” have brainwashed us into believing that we “need” it.

Is Drinking Milk Healthy For Humans Essay

But most of the clip this cow’s milk is contaminated with growing endocrines and pesticides.

In add-on. pasteurisation destroys about all the nutritionary value in cow’s milk. The disadvantages to imbibing cow’s milk far outweigh the advantages. Drinking milk causes increasing wellness jobs. and may even take to an over-intake of Ca which can be merely every bit debatable as non plenty. In the late nineteenth century. a turning figure of influential people throughout the state believed that American metropoliss had a milk job. Newspaper articles exposed the dismaying conditions in which cattles were fed slop.

The state of affairs was known as “the milk problem” .

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( Group III ) Named after Louis Pasteur. pasteurisation is a procedure that requires heating the milk to kill bacteriums and prevent spoilage. It was introduced for safety grounds. but because of the manner it depletes the milk. pasteurisation has led to many wellness jobs throughout the universe. Pasteurized milk is said to be much safer than natural milk and bring forth less wellness jobs. But how could it be when rBGH is injected into cattles doing them to bring forth between 10s and 20 per centum more milk?

RBGH-treated animate beings have a 25 per centum greater opportunity of developing mastitis ( a potentially deathly redness of the bag ) . an 18 per centum greater opportunity of going infertile. and a 50 per centum greater opportunity of going square. ( Debating the Safety ) And if one thinks about it. it is upseting to believe we drink the milk that comes from those cattles. Prostate and chest malignant neoplastic diseases have been linked to ingestion of pasteurised milk. chiefly related to additions in a compound called insulin-like growing factors. Milk ingestion can besides lend to important sums of fat and cholesterin in our organic structures.

( Markoff ) Statisticss have besides shown that low milk consumption during childhood was associated with a higher opportunity of low bone denseness taking to osteoporosis. But statistics have besides shown that excessively high milk intake during childhood increased the opportunity of low bone denseness! ( Kalkworf 257-265 ) Along with bone denseness. adult females in the U. S. are the biggest consumers of milk in the universe. yet have the highest degrees of osteoporosis. ( Karpf ) Children grow up imbibing cow’s milk as portion of their mundane life non cognizing that it is harmful to them and their future wellness. Cow’s milk can impair a child’s ability to absorb Fe.

Combined with the fact that milk has virtually no Fe of its ain. the consequence is an increased hazard of Fe lack. Children can besides hold reactions to milk proteins that show up as respiratory jobs and skin conditions. ( Markoff ) Cow’s milk proteins are a common cause of gripes. and now the American Academy of Pediatrics has concluded that there is grounds that cow’s milk may good lend to childhood-onset diabetes. Equally good as diabetes. fleshiness has become a job in the United States. Consumption of pasteurized cow’s milk has contributed to this due to the high degree of concentrated fat in it.

( Kalkworf ) Osteoporosis can be caused by non adequate Ca. but besides by excessively much Ca. That is because one time bones become saturated with excessively much Ca the ability to absorb more is inhibited. As many kids grow they start demoing marks of osteoporosis and it is from unstable Ca degrees. Pasteurized cow’s milk is a really common nutrient beginning of Ca. But there are other nutrient beginnings than milk and dairy merchandises that provide Ca. Foods such as leafy green veggies. nuts. beans and seeds. fish and shellfish. and addendums all are a beginning of Ca.

Calcium beginnings such as Spinacia oleracea. benne seeds and Prunus dulciss have even more Ca than milk. ( Jamerson ) Humans are the lone mammals that drink another animal’s milk. There are many other milk options such as soy. Prunus dulcis and coconut. One ground that cow’s milk is non every bit good as a bastioned option is that milk contains lactose doing it more acidic. Approximately 75 per centum of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. which means that they are unable to to the full digest dairy merchandises. Lactase is the enzyme needed to digest milk sugar. and most people stop bring forthing it around the age of 5.

( Calcium and Milk ) Another ground cow’s milk is non good is its nutritionary value. When cow’s milk is pasteurized it kills bacteriums but it besides destroys the healthful foods. increasing sugars and fats and transforming proteins into unnatural amino acids that are less than healthy. hence bring forthing less Ca. ( Mercola ) Ever since we were immature. we believed that milk was good for us and our parents ever told us. “Drink your milk. so you grow up to be strong and healthy. ” It is true that Ca builds strong castanetss. but it doesn’t mean that the sum in cow’s milk needfully does.

Due to pasteurisation. cow’s milk is said to hold less Ca. ( Mercola ) It is frequently argued that pasteurised cow’s milk is much safer than other milk due to the violent death of bacteriums and pesticides. Of class. many would see the benefits ; nevertheless. pasteurisation kills the good bacteriums and much of the foods to supply a healthful diet. ( Debating the Safety ) Opposing positions claim that cow’s milk helps cut down the hazard of osteoporosis. In fact. they go every bit far as claiming that it will wholly forestall osteoporosis and aid strengthen castanetss. On the other manus. statistics show that consumers of milk have a greater opportunity of osteoporosis.

( Karpf ) Cow ownership and the many resources cattles provide have been a portion of our history for centuries. Cow’s milk has been a pillar in the human diet. For most of this clip it was natural milk that was consumed. and it was non until the last hundred old ages that pasteurisation came into drama. By this clip. milk as a fundamental in our diet had been established. so doing it safer by killing harmful bacteriums seemed a great thought. However. imbibing pasteurised cow’s milk has led to a complex array of wellness jobs such as high cholesterin. diabetes. gripes. lactose intolerance. and osteoporosis.

There is dissension over the sum of Ca really in cow’s milk. and whether or non ingestion of cows’ milk contributes to osteoporosis. Although doing milk safer to imbibe. pasteurisation is said to compromise the nutritionary value of milk. and hence alternate Ca beginnings should be considered. Cow’s milk genuinely does non supply the benefits that the “Got Milk” commercials would wish us to believe. Works Cited “Calcium and Milk: What’s Best for Your Bones and Health? ” Harvard School of Public Health. President and Fellows of Harvard College. n. d. Web. 22 Feb. 2013. . “Debating the Safety of Milk from rBGH-Treated Cows ( sidebar ) . ”

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