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Paradise Machine Paper

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Essay on “Paradise machine”

A new novel by the famous Krasnoyarsk writer Michael Assumption (if you have not read the trilogy of the author of the adventures of Zhiharev not heard anything about the “cast iron Horseman” and “Look at the monsters eye” is not on your shelf -. Then run to the bookstore Assumption Books can be found even with us.) “Paradise machine” discouraging.

Michael Uspensky wrote a novel that changes the habitual attitude of the writer as the author funny, burlesque, rollicking postmodern books full of explicit and implicit quotations, references, allusions, refined literary games .

Something spilled in today’s air such that even Mikhail Uspensky wrote the book grim, harsh, bleak and hopeless.

Thanks to the visit of an alien visitor, earthlings have the opportunity to move into another galaxy, where there is no life, just a celebration of some kind. This is more than important, because the ground approaching asteroid collision which leaves no chance to survive. Meanwhile, the first to be sent to “another world” prepare the elderly and infirm. Against the background of this planetary nightmare of taiga in the hometown of voluntary returns hermit Roman Merlin. And it does not understand where he was: a world permeated with the expectation of the relocation, the old foundations swept away, how to live and what to do in this world sane person – a mystery

Paradise Machine

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The future of the Assumption draws paints thick and dark.. In Russia – the external board, in Siberia mysterious boss Hindus-Sikhs. Confused mankind with joy “conducted” on the dubious idea. Lost, thanks to the good work of the TV and the other instruments of propaganda, the ability to soberly assess the situation becomes a fertile ground for any well prepodnesonnogo occult delusion. Strictly speaking, the Assumption does not say anything new. Described by the author of “tomorrow.” – a logical development of the “Today” What is considered to be the trademark humor of the Assumption is present, of course (see, at least, the quote below), but it is on the edge of humor. The accuracy of the writer in detail in the characters, in the forecasts – like tracer bullets: dodge impossible. Signs of the future – in today’s superstitions. And here it is carried out not only in Russia, but rather about humanity. About sunset civilization, about the substitution values ​​of the displacement system of moral coordinates. The diagnosis of “Paradise Machine” – a diagnosis of the whole of humanity as a whole

«Paradise car.” – one of the best novels of Michael Assumption. In one of the earliest texts of the writer telecast featured a spectacular called “Speaking the truth out loud.” Here is the truth – the novel. The overall picture is gradually, the general feeling – confusion mixed with anxiety. And outside – traditional prose of the Assumption – the final novel gives an extra shade. And you have already set for themselves decide where is actually turned the main character, and along with it, and all the other

«Paradise car.” – oppressive foreboding of what we can become if we try not to stay people.

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