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Paperless System in Thailand Essay

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This study seeks to find out the chief barriers and give recommendations accordingly. The study also aims to identify the required steps for Thailand to take to reach the Single Window stage. The study is done by surveying people in the relevant fields using interview questionnaire. The result shows that users are more satisfied with PETS than DEED’. However, a lot more can still be done to further improve PETS, for example, raise the number of trained customs officer, maintain the system and prevent errors occurred. Provide related lecture for system users.

Moreover, in order to be ready for advancing to the next stage, there is a need to build the capacity of government agencies and the officers, raise Act’s budget, revise laws and regulations and lastly, pursue wallpapered road-maps to SW and utilize modeling tools. As for the cross- border level, maintenance of Regional Standard Data sets in the term of human resource, revision of laws and regulations for cross-border data exchange are required to reach the goal of establishing cross-border SW. 4 Acknowledgement It is an honor for me to derive such valuable opinions from all of the interviewees who are experience in the field of my study.

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This thesis would not have been possible without their precious cooperation. Moreover, I would like to show my deepest gratitude to my supervisor, Professor Yakima Kanji, whose encouragement, guidance and support from the initial to the final level enabled me to develop an understanding of the subject. Besides my supervisor, I am heartily thankful to Miss Mack and Professor Simon Bah who gave me advices on thesis pattern as well as pointed out lots of grammatical errors. I am indented to my colleague, Kane Standardization to support me in a number of ways.

He helped me look for some information I cannot reach during my stay in Japan. Furthermore, he also assisted me to appropriate the words used in my thesis. Last but not least, I offer my regards and blessings to all of those who supported me in any aspects during the completion of the project. Coordinators Sandpit 5 Chapter l: Introduction The purpose of this paper is to assess the status of Paperless Trading System (PETS) in Thailand and to study and discuss steps needed to advance to the next stage of trading system.

There is a need to understand what PETS is all about. According to APACE (Wang & Khan, 2005), “Paperless Trading” is the activity of exchanging data through electronic means. It means all parties in the chain of trade, namely, supplier, Dryers, customs, puddle Institutes, Tanks Ana logistic companies, utilize information technology and standardize business data exchange among participants, in order to accomplish the whole processes from finding a partner to the signing of a contract in trading.

To better understand paperless trading, let us have a look at the broader sense of e-commerce and how it relates to paperless trading. According to the assessment reported by Wang & Khan, 2005, “E-commerce Demonstration Act of United Nations International Trade Committee” describes the wider sense of e- amerce as business activities that utilize data information, which refers to information produced, transmitted or stored via electronic, optical or other similar ways.

In other words, the broader sense of e-commerce can be regarded as e- business that consists of e-commerce and paperless trading or e-trade. The chain of International Trade starts when an order is placed, followed by transporting goods, clearing custom and paying bills. This chain involves logistics, financial process, and information circulation, and it implicates multiple parties and working sectors. The implement of International Trade is high since there are different goods, ways of delivery, processes and varieties of payment (as shown in Fig 1. . ) Figure 1 . 1: Chain of International Trade Source: Wang, J. & Khan, F. (2005) From the chain process above, it is obvious that some parties, such as customs, are directly related to markets, and some others, such as the government, are not. However, this does not mean that market efficiency is affected by these non-market related parties. In fact, they play a very important role in the process because the efficiency of overspent administration and legislation has a positive impact on market efficiency directly.

Moreover, the non-market related parties such as the government could affect other marketplaces parties as well. For instance, governments could set up some standards, rules and regulations to coordinate for administration purposes. Therefore, without government participation in building a 6 better public service environment, the development of paperless trading will be restrained. As a result, it can be said that paperless trading is a combination of E- commerce and E-government in the field of international trade (Refer to Fig. . 2).

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