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Paper Cone Lab Report Paper

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Use glue to create paper cones but don’t cut out any sections, because that way the mass is going to change For the first circle stick three sections together and for the others, each time increase the number of sections stocked together by three. Hold the paper cones Let the paper cone fall. CM from the floor. Measure the time between the falling and the landing with the help of the stopwatch. Repeat the same procedure three times for each of the paper cones. Take an average of the results. Apparatus: Stopwatch Glue Scissors Five paper cones

Mass-hook (holder) Ruler with millimeter divisions Results: Distance between the ground and the height from which the cone is dropped each time: CM Uncertainty: as using a ruler, the height may vary from the recorded one as we could not measure it accurately. II. Paper Cone – diameter 18,7 CM (В±5 mm) I I Trial Trial I Distance achieved CM I Average distance achieved II 10,as | 0,967 s (3. S. F)1 12 13 10,SSL Conclusion: Using the table, I created a graph (see on the attached paper), using the diameter and time as axis x and y.

The average result of the time period was used and the graph shows an increments in time as the diameter of the cone is getting bigger. However, by observing the graph, we can not find a proportional rate between the data. The main results are reasonable and we can see that the diameter affects the time, because the longer the diameter is, the more time it takes for the cone to reach the floor. The surface of the paper cone is important and the cone with the 12 CM diameter (the steepest one) reached the floor first. The cause of this result is drag.

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The amount of drag generated by an object depends on the size of the object[l]. In this case as the main circle areas were the same and we only changed the paper cone bases’ diameters, the surface of the items changed. The bigger surface increases the air resistance of the item. Evaluation: One of the biggest failures during this experiment was that we could not measure properly the time periods, because it merely depends on the reaction time of the person and as a consequence, the measurements can have different results.

The distance from which the holder dropped the paper cones can be listed as an other drawback, because in order to calculate the time properly, we had to place the cones higher and the height can differ from each other. If I could repeat the experiment, I would use more professional equipments and I would be really accurate concerning datum.

Paper Cone Lab Report

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