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Pan’s Labyrinth The director Guillero Del Torro uses many motifs and parallels in his film Pan’s Labyrinth. The most obvious parallel in the film is the parallel between the real world and the fantasy world of the character Ofelia. Both worlds are filled with danger. At any second in both of these worlds your life could be lost. Del Torro separates the real world from the fantasy world with many visual motifs. One of the visual motifs is the extreme differences in the color of the worlds.

In the real world the director uses blues and green and other dark hues.

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The dark colors help to represent the dark realities that are taking place out side in the real world. The fantasy world is full of warmer colors such as red and gold. These warm colors help to give off a fairy tale type world and really help the audience to differentiate the two worlds.

A example of the dark colors used in the real world is during the dinner of Captain Vidal. At the dinner there are many people from the community present each one is dressed in dark clothing. The dinning room is very dim and there is not very much light on the table.

The dinning room of the fantasy character pale face is a example of warm colors being used in the fantasy world. In the hall of pale face there is a lot light which lights up the room.

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The table is very lit up and the food on it can easily be seen. Mercedes the servant and the faun from the fantasy world is also a parallel which is in the film. Both characters share many of the same characteristics. Both character are very sneaky. Both character befriend the the young girl Ofelia and both have anterior motives to what they are doing.

Mercedes is working for the Captain Vidal as a servant. She washes the Captains clothing and makes him dinner. She acts as if she is his friend but in reality she is a spy for the rebels and is taking advantage of working for the Captain to send the rebels supplies and tell them important information about the Captain’s army. The faun persuades Ofelia that he is helping her. She thinks that he is her friend but really he is using her so that he can get back to the underworld that he belongs to.

The theme of the movie is making choices and being desobidiant and going against what everyone says is right or normal. Ofelia makes many choices in the film. She makes the choice to prove that she is worthy to return to the underworld. She makes the choice to crawl in the frog hole and she made the choice to eat the grapes in Pale Face’s dinning room. The biggest choice that she makes though is the choice she makes to deny the Faun and not give him her baby brother. This choice turns out to be her most important choice that she will make.

A example of disobedience is Mercedes. Mercedes was disobedient to the Captain. Her disobedience put her at great risk. She had to take chances. The chances she took ended up paying off in the end when the rebels finally ended up taking out the Captain and his army. From the film one can learn the importance of taking chances and making choices. The film also teaches us about disobedience. Are desobidance puts us at risk, but is important to do what we feel is right. The film also teaches the harsh reality’s of war and how it can cause men to do terrible things.

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