Importance of acountancy to business

The following sample essay on”Importance of acountancy to business” : describing role of acountancy trough history, times and today’s industry.

In early times, in the era when mankind first learned to engage in business and traded with one another and gave birth to accountancy. It is also the time when the entity called money is born. But even before the creation of money, accountancy is already very important in early businesses. Accountancy served as a guiding light to the success of an entrepreneur.

Accountancy is always preset in man’s daily activities in its simplest form and therefore we can conclude that it is already part of our daily lives.

As an individual who existed in the 21st century, I can say that accountancy in its general sense is often misinterpreted. Many people especially incoming college students are afraid of accountancy. They thought of it as a very difficult field of learning. As a course in college, accountancy is one of the least courses that students take.

But the truth behind this is the fact that accountancy can be easily to be dealt with if you have patience and hard work.

Being an accountancy student of the 21st century, I encounter many topics regarding accountancy and at first glance, they seem to be very hard for me but with the help of patience, hard work and perseverance I came to cope up and understand these topics. Thanks to our brilliant accountancy instructors who are always ready to share and impart their knowledge to us.

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Accountancy is also a vital part in the progress and success of businesses in the 21st century. Without accountancy, these multi-billionaire corporations have not mom into existence.

The people behind their success are the accountants where in they work in the influx and out flux of the corporation’s finances. Accountants in the 21st century are still very few and businesses are growing rapidly. Because of this, more accountants are needed. So I encourage incoming freshmen student to enroll in the course of accountancy and discover and appreciate by themselves the beauty and importance of accountancy in the society not only in the 21st century but in the centuries to come. Pamela By Pamela-Gallup

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Importance of acountancy to business
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