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Pakistan Wetland Program Paper

The programmer strategy is based on TTY. Or sub-sets of objectives. The first will provide the required policy, institutional, technical and financial framework and generate positive public support essential for the mainstreaming of wetlands conservation. The second involves the design and implementation of Sustainable, participatory management plans for four independent Demonstration Sites, each chosen to be representative of a broad CEO-region in Pakistan.

It includes specific mechanisms to secure financial sustainability and enhanced replication and realization of viable wetlands management interventions in a nation-wide, on-going wetlands conservation initiative. Despite the generally arid nature of Pakistanis climate, the region supports an estimated 780,000 ha of wetlands that cover 9. 7% of the total surface area of the country. In excess of 225 significant wetlands sites are on record in the prototype Pakistan Wetlands GIS Database developed during the PDF (B) phase Of this Project.

Nineteen of these have been internationally recognized by the Rams Convention Bureau as being of global importance. The diverse assortment of natural freshwater and marine wetlands that occur within Pakistan support unique combinations of biodiversity. The same resource, however, also sustains an estimated 144 million permanent human residents and 3-4 million displaced persons from adjacent countries. The wetlands of the region are, therefore, generally degrading under a broad spectrum of anthropogenic threats that are mainly rooted in poverty but exacerbated by lack of knowledge and mismanagement.

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Global Significance Pakistanis permanent and ephemeral wetlands are globally significant in two ways; I) In terms of the intrinsic value of their indigenous biodiversity, ii) As an cute example of the poverty/subsistence-use nexus that constitutes one of the most fundamental threats to biodiversity worldwide. The high global significance of Pakistanis wetlands is attributable to the diversity of species that they support.

In all, eighteen threatened species of wetlands dependent mammals are found in the country including the endemic Punjab Rural (Avis veggie punishments) and Indus River Dolphin (Plantations minor). Further, twenty threatened bird species are supported by Pakistanis wetlands in addition to twelve reptiles and two endemic species of amphibians. Pakistanis atlantes also support between 191-198 indigenous freshwater fish species, including fifteen endemics and a total of 788 marine and estuarine fish species.

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