Consumption Overpopulation

The following sample essay on Consumption Overpopulation. In our economy, consuming is not an issue but over-consumption and following it religiously has sure created an ecological problem. Dry. David Suzuki has stated some eye-opening facts and figures that could help us perceive the difference clearly for example, Canadians consume 20 times more than a person living in India or China (one of the biggest exporters of he world) and up to 70 times more than the people in Bangladesh.

What does this tells us? There is a very’ thin line between consumptions of our needs and over-consumption of our wants.

Again, this article has stated human psychology very bitterly yet true. Our economy has made us believe in “instant gratifications” or terms like “retail therapy’ that “gives” us the feeling of fulfillment by acquiring some tangible product to fill a void.

Problem lies when we stop recognizing that “is enough ever enough for us” we the buyers eave a constant pressure from our economy, our society, our circle to look good not just be clothed, to have designer names in your closet, to get the latest innovations in the name of being “up-to-date” are we just consuming good or more like over-consumption has taken control over our willpower to settle for what is enough for us but again this question has completely lost its real answer in our side of the world.

Whap is enough for us? ” Last week was reading Time Magazine and found a statement so interesting that “future wars will be a new kind of war; resource wars” this again reminded me f our economy, our businesses, our marketers where we claim the facts that over population leads to poverty and despair and here on the other hand the foreign policies of the wealthier nations aka where we live, have allowed economic and resource-controlling policies to be established in our favor.

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Consumption Overpopulation
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