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Overpopulation Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Infant Mortality

This sample paper on Overpopulation offers a framework of relevant facts based on recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body, and conclusion of the paper below.

Overpopulation takes place when the population density goes beyond the capability of the environment to provide health requirements of people. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), environments have been threatened by the dramatic growth of human population. The agency stated that overpopulation, desertification, deforestation, global warming, and pollution of the environment are the major contributors of environmental threatening. The agency claimed that overpopulation is the worst case in the world.

For example, results from the Census Bureau suggest hat almost 1. 8 billion people are competing for the limited resources in India. The United State Census Bureau suggested that such rapid population growth in India is also noticed in American and African countries and this is a gate way to overpopulation. Researchers conducted research on population in 1999 and the world population was above 6 billion. This can be a good estimation of the next population in vision sass. Statistics estimated showed that the population could be about 2. 4 billion more people on the environment in sass.

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People will struggle to look for natural resources in the imagining limited space in order to survive. For this reason, government combined with the efforts of the Census Bureau need to solve the issue of overpopulation in order to prevent some of the problems that can result from overpopulation. The paper analyzes the problems associated with overpopulation and the effect it will have on the Earth. Overpopulation is caused by a number of factors. To start with, decline in death rate has contributed to the gradual growth of population in the world.

Overpopulation Articles

The difference in birth rate and death rate is the root of overpopulation. Population will only e stable if the number of children born in each year is equal to the number of adults who die in the same year. Also, improved medical facilities contribute to the rapid growth of population in the word. Focusing on the industrial revolution, technology advancement was the major reason for the imbalance of population. Better means of producing food was invented by the scientists. This allowed families to feed properly. Medical science invented various discoveries that were essential in defeating most of the diseases.

Illness that was killing many people was cured during the revolution since canines were available. An increase in supply of food and better medical facilities led to low mortality rate, thus creating a gate-way to overpopulation. Besides, more hands that were brought together by different governments contributed to the rapid population growth rate. More hands from different government helped to overcome poverty in the society. Thousands of years back, fewer families had enough money to sustain their living. The rest of the families faced poverty with high birth rate.

This led to high infant mortality among the poor families. Families that were facing natural disasters and poverty were assisted. Through this assistance, many children survived leading to overpopulation. Moreover, technology advancement in the fertility treatment contributed to the gradual increase in population in the world. The current effective medicines can boost the chances of conception. This automatically leads to high birth rate, thus increasing the population. The new and effective technology has also made pregnancy easy and safer compared to the past years (Russell, p. 171-1172, 1970) Immigration is also another factor contributing to the current overpopulation. Most of the people currently prefer to move to the more developed countries like United Kingdom, Lignite State, Australia, and Canada in order to get the better facilities in terms of security, medical services, employment, and education. This result to overcrowding of the people in the most developed countries. The overpopulated country end up suffering from clothes, food, and energy since there is a high demand of the food, energy, and clothes.

Lack of family planning among many families is also a major factor contributing to overpopulation in the world. Most of the developing countries have a great number of people who are uneducated since they live below the poverty line. They usually have little knowledge of family planning. Others allow their children marry at a tender age, thus increasing the population of the world. People living below the poverty line do not recognize the hurtful effects of overpopulation since most of them are ignorant avoiding family planning (Bangers, p. 234, 2003). Various problems are associated with overpopulation.

Overpopulation result to depletion of natural resources. Earth can only produce a partial amount of food and water which are facing shortage of the present needs. Most of the environments are being destructed because of the gradual growth of population in the world. People are carrying out deforestation, hunting wildlife, causing pollution in order to survive. This creates problems in the environment due to the competing population. Degradation of the environment is also another problem associated with the overpopulation. With the overuse of oil, natural gas, and coal, it has begun to produce harmful effects on the environment.

An increase in the number of industries and vehicles has also affected the quality of the environmental air. Changing of the climate patterns, melting of the ice caps, and rising of the sea level are also some consequences that the environment is facing due to the overpopulation. Wars and conflicts are the other problems associated with overpopulation. Conflicts over the limited natural resources are growing to be a source of stress among countries, and this can result to wars. This causes the spread of diseases, thus making it hard to control with the increased population.

Starvation is the chief problem facing the planet, thus increasing the mortality rate among children. Rise in unemployment is also another problem associated with the overpopulation problem. An overpopulated country gives rise to unemployment since there are fewer jobs that cannot support the exiting population. An increase in population gives rise to robbery in order to get the basic amenities that make up life. An increased cost of living is a problem associated with overpopulation. Difference between demand and supply persists to extend because of overpopulation.

This increases the prices of commodities involving shelter, healthcare, and food. This calls for people to pay more in order to survive. In this situation, children and older ages suffer (Bangers, p. 235-236, 2003). Overpopulation will have effects on the future economy, environment, and politics. There is will very little food to sustain the existing population in the planet. This will lead to a low gross domestic product (GAP) and per capita. In order for the government to save people from this problem, it will have to depend on debts. Also, unemployment will increase in true if overpopulation will continue on the planet.

This will result to a higher level of crime in order for them to survive. Overpopulation will lead to an increased pollution of the environment. Through pollution, wildlife and animal habitats will be affected, thus affecting the ecosystem. Due to overpopulation, the future economy will be stretched beyond recognition. Civil wars will begin, thus resulting to death. Encouraging better education will help in solving the problem Of overpopulation. Through education, people in the families that are facing stiff life will understand the need to have few hillier.

Teaching people about the knowledge of family planning will also solve the issue of overpopulation on the planet. People will apply family planning, thus controlling the population of the planet. The use of concessions or tax benefits can curb overpopulation. Governments from different countries come up with different policies related with concessions in order to curb the problem of overpopulation. One of the policies might be lowering the rates of tax of the income. This can create some optimistic results to the planet. Also, teaching people about sex will help in solving the robber of overpopulation.

Most of the parents feel shy to advise their children on sex education. This should not a fearing topic since it is contributing to the overpopulation of the Earth. It is essential for parents to guide their children on importance of safe sex. This will help in curbing the problem of overpopulation on the planet (Seaman, 2002). In conclusion, the growth of population has been a steady amplification on the planet. Between the age of plagues and 21st century, there were plenty of wars, natural disasters, man-made hazards, and natural calamities.

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