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Outpatient Procedures Paper

The article reviewed is “Paying More Than You Should for Outpatient Procedures” by Rock Rockett, tries to determine cost-effective ways of providing colonoscopies. In the state of New York, colonoscopies are provided in an office setting and cost about $450 per procedure. However in a state such as Chicago, most of the cases are done in an outpatient OPD Setting, and cost anything between $2000 to $6000, plus doctors fees of $330. There is a huge potential saving by simply shifting those procedure performed on an outpatient basis in a hospital to an outpatient procedure in accredited physician offices.

Such physician practices should be accredited by at least one accreditation organization. There is a need to shift the patient from heavily documented outpatient settings to accredited office settings. Impact Health plans in the US require the physicians to take adequate steps to ensure that accreditation is maintained. The author feels that besides gastrointestinal procedures others such as gynecology, vascular procedures, maxillofacial surgery, pediatric surgery, etc, can also be performed on an office basis can save on the costs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield from various parts of the US is encouraging the gastroenterologists to get accredited and perform these procedures in the Office on an outpatient basis. Besides the heath plans can reduce the costs of outpatient procedures. The office practitioners are also considering the equipment required for these diagnostic tests or treatment procedures as their own than compared to OPD settings and hence are more convenient working on these procedures. There is also a chance of greater screening of colon cancer, thus improving the outcome of such diseases.

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Opinion I do feel that physician’s office once accredited can help provide better quality of care, efficiency and patient satisfaction compared to the hospital OPD settings. There is greater cost-efficiency and effectiveness if certain procedures are performed in the physician offices as the patient is likely to get personal attention. References Rock Rockett (2010). “Paying More Than You Should for Outpatient Procedures” Managed Care, 29-30. http://www. nxtbook. com/nxtbooks/medimedia/managedcare_201005/index. php? startid=29#/0

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