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oscar wilde Essay

The son of the surgeon Sir William Wilde and the writer Jane Wilde was born in Dublin, Irland 1854. His name was Oscar Wilde. He became well educated and he moved to London to study at Magdalen collage. He was well known for his wit and his rare way to dress.
When he was twenty-seven hisfirst poems was published. The year after he made a tour in USA that became a great success. His career went on and 1884 Oscar marries Constance Lloyd. The top of his career was in the 1890’s, when his most famous works were written. One novel called The picture of Doria Grey, specially showed that art has nothing to do with moral. At that time art like acts and books usually showed how you are supposed to act in real life. Oscar also wrote tragedies but neither them nor his novels made him any appreciated by people at his time. It was his comedies. Oscar Wildes The importance of being Earnest is the most qouted play in England after Shakespeare’s Hamlet
Oscar was a very popular guest at parties. He was always quick-witted and gave the other guests something to either laugh or think about. Many of his smart sayings are still used today. In one particular party Oscar was introduced to a young man named Alfred Douglas. Oscar found himself to be very attracted to this man. As it was prohibited to be homosexual at that time it was big risk they took starting a relationship.
Not a long time after it turned out to be a foolish thing to do. Lord Alfred’s father, the Marquess of Queensberry, soon became aware of his sons’ “unmanly” behaviour. He did not want his own son cavorting around even with the greatest playwriter in London. It was a scandal and he did not know what to do. One night he stormed into Wilde’s club, Albemarle. As Oscar was absent he left a note adressed “To Oscar Wilde posing Somdomite”.
The insult made Oscar and Alfred furious. They decided to sue the Marquess for libel. But as homosexuality was illegal Oscar lost

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