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Organizational Behavior Essay

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One of the most important subject in each organization is the measurement of the effectiveness of the communication between the employee and their mangers. In other word the more effective In communication you are the more productive involvement you will create as a manger. These are the three aspect I would focus on In these research: verbal communication, nonverbal communication. And the written. Also I would discusses some barriers that effect the communication in the organization.

The verbal communication is the central what best of us do and It could be writing or speaking, for example all of the debate between our president or the meeting, face to face, telephone conversation or even the interviews is verbal, therefore, the verbal communication is the most Important type of communication. Since we born the first thing we try to learn Is the verbal communication and we do It step by step till we become good at it. However As business major knowing the verbal communication is not enough I have to prepare my self to be a provisional at it.

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I remember when I use to work at Saudi Telecoms company as assistant to a general manger I have met many CEO from all over the world such as the CEO for Oracle company in the middle east and many others I remember some of them they came with their assistant or other employee and the reason was because the mangers were not good at negotiations or presentation at that time I did not notice the important of having a professional skill in communication and how it can persuade others but now I complicit new the important of it and I would mention the nine way to improve verbal communication according to Illumine. O. UK “1- read more the reason it says the more the person read the more he/she can express her self better by having more vocabulary which Is make sense I remember when I use to go to the English program back in 2008 every time I learn a new vocabulary I could express myself better and in the business world the more vocabulary the person have the more he/she can persuade people or at least sound dedicated.

The second way it says Think about the rods and it means go down to the level of the audiences in other word now your audiences, for example do not use very old language or big vocabulary in the front of forefinger company because they will not understand and some time they will not ask what does this word means. The teller way Is prepare before for speaking and that means the speaker should spend time thinking about what he/she would say and what is the best way of saying it, for example if he/she would talks about globe worming he/she should bring fact and organized the idea as much as possible.

The fourth one is listen and be interested and that means show emanation during the conversation for example if one of the audiences ask question act if It important Arabic it says” the man has tow ears and one mouth and that means he/she should lotion more than talk. The fifth one it says be aware of non-verbal communication traps: and that means the presenter or the speaker should be a area of his movement, tone, or even his body language because the people are watching you and making Judgment more than listing therefore,

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