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The chief end for any concern has ever been to increase net income borders. In the past the companies focused merely on the figure of productions and other proficient issues. whereas other facets. such as human recourses direction. were non valued as of high of import. These yearss. concern environment has changed dramatically. It is believed that organizational behavior is one of the chief countries for possible betterment in order to run a sustainable concern ( Robbins et al 2011.

p. 8 ) . This instance survey will analyze the internal direction schemes of Westpac group ( Westpac ) . one of the four chief Bankss in Australia. It shows how Westpac uses organizational behavior rules to increase occupation satisfaction to actuate its employees. It will besides explicate how the company supports its employees in struggle state of affairss and analyze the leading manners of the bank’s Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) .

Gail Kelly. Surveies have shown that utilizing the appropriate organizational behavioural techniques can advance a motivated. satisfied and conflict free work force. but how does Westpac actuate its staff and how satisfied are its employees in their occupation functions?

Job satisfaction and motive

Westpac being a big. good established company is good cognizant of how finding. retaining and actuating its employees can be important for a successful concern to thrive ( Westpac 2006 ) . The company is faced with actuating employees and. in bend. bring forthing high occupation satisfaction throughout all degrees of the administration ( Root 2014 ) .

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It can besides be deduced that if employees feel occupation satisfaction so this. consecutively. will filtrate through to make a positive experience for Westpac’s clients every bit good. However. in order to bring forth a motivated work force. Westpac must offer its employees benefits. wagess and acknowledgment. which are a few of the cardinal causes of occupation satisfaction ( Robbins et al 2013. p. 59-74 ) . These incentives come in many different signifiers and are sometimes. specific to an employee’s demands. When actuating a individual with a benefit or wages. Westpac must understand that each single individual will value a wages otherwise ( Root 2014 ) . For illustration. an employee with a immature household may value paid parental leave. or a shorter on the job twenty-four hours. over a publicity or a wage addition.

Westpac shows that they understand that non all employees are the same and have differing demands by ranking foremost in 2013 in the one-year benchmarking study ‘Work/Life Initiatives’ for their flexible work options. offering 12 hebdomads paid parental leave. entree to child attention every bit good as offering flexible on the job hours ( ‘Westpac leads in satisfaction poll’ 2013 ) . However. for another employee. a valued wages may take the form of chance to travel up in the company. If an employee is promoted to a function they have been endeavoring to obtain so that publicity is a agency of recognizing their difficult work and finding and makes the employee more motivated in their occupation and the company. therefore bring forthing occupation satisfaction ( Robbins et al 2013. p. 59-74 ) . while profiting the company excessively. There are many ways that Westpac generates motive and in bend occupation satisfaction. nevertheless. one of these is through occupation enrichment ( Darling 1997 ) .

This is the pattern of heightening an employee’s person occupations and increasing duty which. in bend makes the occupation more stimulating and honoring for the employee. by giving them more control over their work and how they perform it. advancing increased occupation satisfaction ( Robbins et al 2013. p. 171-190 ) . By giving employees more duty and control of the work they are making increased occupation satisfaction. as a deficiency of control or stimulation is frequently a cause of emphasis and ennui. which causes a lessening in motive.

It is difficult to challenge that the right employee motive creates occupation satisfaction. and in bend client satisfaction. In 2013. Westpac surveyed its employees and 70 % said they were committed to their occupation. moreover. in the same twelvemonth Westpac came out on top of the four chief Bankss for client satisfaction ( Bennet 2014 ) . Westpac topographic points great accent on the bar and declaration of possible struggles between its employees. It can besides be said that by making a more comfy workplace for employees this will in turn contribute to the efficiency of the company’s public presentation as a whole.

Conflict direction

It is hard to conceive of any workplace to be wholly conflict free. First of all. workplace brings together people with different values. personality traits and people of different ages. Furthermore. when there is increased force per unit area on employees to run into marks. complete undertakings faster frequently with a deficiency of resources. tensenesss can originate and the work environment becomes increasingly more nerve-racking for the employees. This means that colleagues ever need to seek an appropriate manner to interact with each other at work. However. it is besides an issue for directors as they are responsible for comfy communicating and struggle declaration between workers. Harmonizing to Robbins et Al ( 2012 p. 450 ) . there are three chief causes or beginnings of struggle: communicating. structural factors ( such as size of a group and specialization ) and personal variables ( including personality. emotions and values ) . Analyzing the struggle direction system of Westpac. it is just to reason. that the company is more focussed on the bar of struggles that may originate from personal variables.

As an illustration. the company pays great attending to the rights of employees to an equal employment chance. Indeed. today the enlisting patterns of many companies indirectly discriminate possible employees because of their race. gender. age. sexual orientation or cultural background. One of the chief schemes of Westpac is to make a balanced work environment. free of torment and favoritism. Harmonizing to Westpac ( People policies 2014 ) . the handling claims about the events of favoritism applies to all employees. clients and spouses working for the company. Westpac takes all sensible stairss to forestall possible struggles caused by such events from happening in the workplace. The company requires all employees to set about particular discrimination/harassment preparations and requires them to be familiarised with the current favoritism and harassment policies and processs.

Two other types of personality-based struggle in the workplace are emotional-based and values-based. The ability to equilibrate emotions and grounds. understand the involvements of each other every bit good as the ability to keep good communicating and remain dependable can assist to forestall and pull off a struggle ( ‘Managing Conflict’ 2007. pp. 46-47 ) . In order to keep a comfy work environment for the employees Westpac has created the Employee Assistance Program. which provides employees with confidential reding on a scope of issues. such as household mournings. deficiency of occupation satisfaction. results of mark oriented direction. emphasis and trauma direction. Another foundation. Critical Incident Management Program. helps employees after traumatic events: personal menaces in the workplace. the decease of work co-workers and menaces from different external events. Why is it of import for the company to pay so much attending to such type of struggle? As Robbins et Al ( 2012. p. 448 ) province. relationship struggles are dysfunctional.

It means that they have a negative impact on the work efficiency. This point of position was shared by Karim ( 2009. p. 289 ) . who argues that emphasis on the occupation causes lower productiveness and hapless public presentation in the administration. As an illustration. pull offing traumatic incidents can significantly cut down employee’s absences after the event ( ‘Prompt injury direction can cut down employee absence’ 2007 ) . The company aims to promote staff members to describe any error in order to assist directors to adequately pull off hazard and cultural issues. Examples of error can be a breach of Westpac’s Policies and Codes. improper behavior and safety issues.

As a portion of struggle direction. the company has established the ‘Concern Reporting’ system ( Westpac 2013 ) . It includes an online and telephone service. which allows anon. communicating. which connects employees to trained specializers from an independent administration. However. if the struggle has already occurred. Westpac has a figure of procedures to foreground issues between employees and their directors with farther probe with senior directors if the issue is non resolved. It is of import to gain that the relationships between employees are really susceptible to the leading manner set in the group.

Leadership manners

Leadership plays an of import function to maximize efficiency and to accomplish organizational ends. Effective leaders have an ability to actuate and animate employees and contribute to the great success of the company ( Keskes 2014 ) . Gail Kelly emphases the importance of puting a clear way for an administration and joint all employees and other stakeholders ( ‘Leadership advice from the CEO of Westpac. Gail Kelly’ 2014 ) . This manner of leading has been successful to accomplish the company’s ends and visions. This achievement brought her as a magnetic leader and her personal appeal helps her to all employees commit to the house and bring forth higher fiscal public presentation ( Davidson et all 2009. pp. 386-387 ) . Now she is ranked the 11th most powerful adult female in the universe and is Australian’s highest paid businesswomen. Harmonizing to Goleman et all ( 2002 ) . leadings are divided by six types. viz. airy. coaching. affiliative. democratic. pacesetting and commanding. Each type of the leading can be used apart. depending on state of affairss.

Companies spend a great trade of money on new procedures and efficiencies to increase one per cent of bottom-line profitableness. but 30 per cent of the company’s bottom-line profitableness is responsible by leading manner. Therefore. it is really of import to utilize leading manners to react to different state of affairss efficaciously. These yearss. dramatic alterations can be seen across the fiscal services. Australian Bankss have competed for the biggest portion of the place loans market. However. this competition has shifted to acquiring customers’ sedimentations. When the company prosecute a new way. airy leading manner is the most appropriate. The aim of this manner is to travel people towards a new set of shared marks with clear account. Many companies end up with failure to alterations due to decelerate response or when employees are non certain about the way of the house. One of the great successes of Westpac is that Gail Kelly uses this manner efficaciously ( ‘Leadership Styles’ 2011 ) .

Another manner of leading that is built-in to Gail Kelly is affinitive manner. Affinitive manner of leading is besides seen to accomplish high employee satisfaction ( Brook. K 2003 ) . Westpac put the value on the importance of teamwork and the diverseness of employees irrespective of age. race and ability ( People policies 2014 ) . The company helps the employees’ to work out personal jobs and encourages them to be more cohesive in order to make a comfy work environment. This manner of leading is utile to heighten squad harmoniousness. increases the morale and the betterment of communicating in employees. that is indispensable in current volatile state of affairs in fiscal industry. However. affinitive leading would be unsafe to utilize by itself since its emphasis’s on group work and it might advance hapless public presentation or no future growing. For this ground. the demand to unite different manners of leading. that the company does successfully. is indispensable to make the ends of the concern ( Robbins et al 2011. Ps 357 ) .


Organizational behavior is more than merely the rules of how people can work in the group together. It is a complex survey that shows how the right interaction of employees can profit the business’s effectivity. The analysis of Westpac Group has revealed that the company endeavours to increase occupation satisfaction of the employees by honoring each individual correspondingly. Therefore. in order. has a good consequence on the production effectivity. doing positive feelings among clients.

The company appreciates the diverseness among its employees and successfully manages the struggles caused by personal jobs every bit good as struggles in relationships with others. The Westpac’s system of struggle direction helps to forestall a possible diminution in occupation public presentation and creates a comfy work environment. The instance survey has besides revealed that the company benefitted from the efficient usage of different manners of leading. The ability to rapidly react to the volatility in a finance sector by altering leading manners helps Gail Kelly to take the concern successfully. heightening squad engagement and overall part.

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