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Organ Donation is a means of showing love Paper

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Nowadays, healthcare practitioner’s especially in nursing faces lots of ethical issues and they will still be facing in the future and the more when the technology is getting more developed. One of which is the Organ Transplantations.

Organ Transplantation is very rampant especially in countries with rising technologies in health care. If a certain family needs the organ but does not win in the bidding being done, then they would not get the organ

We can not deny that Organ Donation is a means of showing love and concern to others. It gives a good reputation to the individual, especially when he dies because he has helped someone or has supported someone else’s life. But sometimes, the real meaning of giving motivated by love is already out of the context. For people, because of lack of finances gambles to donate a part or an organ.

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Nurses in this case, have a lot of moral issues to face with.  As a healthcare practitioner they have the duty to take care and preserve human life and dignity.

That is, the body we have, is entrusted to us by God and therefore we should not let it be sold. To treat human body parts as commodities violates the Human Dignity. Even if the motive is to help others, the end still just not justifies the means of doing it.

Human life is sacred and must be taken care of. As health workers they are face with different changes in the delivery of health care services to the society.

In this situation, the nurses are in between the Philosophy which God has established in His word and the uprising technology in their fields. They are much affected with it because as nurses, it is their vows and promise to preserve the human life but organ transplantations as understand by some is just totally deviating from God’s perspective and in His view in giving.

Some individuals would make it just a business. Yes, their reason might be is to help but underneath it is the idea of making large amounts of money. Nurses, on the other hand do their part in talking to families who have just lost someone about transplantation.

A health care giver also needs to be educated in a proper way about what organ donation is really all about. It is the nurses’ job to talk and approach donors and their families regarding the organ transplantation. They should show the love and support that the family needs.

Whatever reasoning is being done still it violates God’s laws. It does not respect the human lives. Nurses are compromising the Sanctity of Human Life. Nurses are sandwiched in the perspective of the rising technology of this world and Heavenly laws.

Many ethicists find it so immoral to sell an organ because for them, God gave it to you and He entrusted it to you and for you. Therefore, as stewards we should do anything that could break the real purpose of God in us.

Hence, as nurses they have a great responsibility. So they should do things to educate the individuals in the society about the process. They should explain that organ transplantation is not merely harvesting a person’s organs but it has a deeper purpose, a deeper meaning. They should show respect in the patient’s body so as not to deviate from the norms and prevent ethicists from arising and in throwing issues that health care providers are much affected of.


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This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on Organ Donation is a means of showing love and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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