Operations and Logistics in Riordan Manufacturing

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Radian’s current operations ND logistics and suggestions for improvements will be described. Ordain Manufacturing Operations and Logistics Product Development – Product development at Ordain Involves Idea generation, product design, detail engineering, market research and market analysis. This team is responsible for creating, modifying and releasing drawings and word drawings on CAD systems, designing and developing new products, and designing marketing research projects. The operations under product development also include analyzing results, designing and managing.

Designing and producing of planned marketing orgasm, evaluating technical and economic factors, recommending engineering and manufacturing actions for attainment of design objectives of process of product is yet another operation under product development assisting in the success of Ordain.

Quality Management- Quality team coordinates and directs quality control programs designed to ensure continuous production of products consistent with established standards (Apollo, 2004).

Ordain takes quality management serious and the operations, which take place to ensure quality control, quality assurance, and laity Improvement as well as the measures taken to focus on product quality Is extensive and detailed.

Operations and Logistics- Logistics team analyze production schedules and determine inbound and outbound logistics needed for assigned plants as well as direct and coordinate program activities with vendors and customers. Logistics team also schedule inbound and outbound shipments, compute freight rates, and direct and coordinate activities of international operations.

The Warranty Service team receives records and distributes work orders to service crews upon customers’ quests for service (Apollo, 2004). Operations and Logistics Systems Ordain Manufacturing utilizes two systems In their operations and logistics Inventory System: used to enter material reception Information, processes.

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– material usage, new inventory sub assembly and final product manufacturing, as well products Tanat nave Eden snapped to ten customer. – system: Sales department keeps customer order information in this system.

The shipping team uses this system to identify which products and quantity must they draw out of the inventory system. Shipping team also records truck number, date and mime of shipment for tracking purposes. A clerk manually enters most of inventory and shipping information into inventory as well customer shipping and billing systems. Material Reception: Receiving area supervisor received materials during the day, then delivers log to inventory clerk at the end of this. Clerk manually feeds the system. Manufacturing: Manufacturing staff completes inventory usage form; inventory clerk manually feeds system with this data.

As manufacturing builds products, staff delivers a form to inventory clerk for manually updating the system tit new inventory information. Shipping: Shipping team fulfills orders based on customer shipping and billing system information. Inventory clerk updates inventory system based on what has been shipped to customer. Ordain Manufacturing Recommended Systems Ordain Manufacturing can greatly improve logistics of the process from raw goods to final products. Ideally, Ordain would be able to process under a zero inventory system. A shipment of raw goods would come in once a day to cover all orders for the day.

The receiving area supervisor should have a hand held system here he can find the order of products and check off that it has arrived. This would let the manufacturing sector know that the raw goods are available to for use. The computer system, would then replace the need for the inventory clerk at this point in the process. Manufacturing the raw materials into a product will require the inventory clerk to keep track of what is going to manufacturing and assembly verse going to sub assembly and final productions. The inventory clerk should know where these goods are at all times.

At the end of the shift the inventory clerk should have a detailed list f where all the products are in the manufacturing process. Orders are called in by the customers and are entered into the customer shipping and billing system. When the order is entered it should trigger a tally into the system that orders the raw materials. When the order is complete in the manufacturing phase it will be shipped out to the customer. When the order is placed on the truck the boxes should be scanned into a tracking system and will be removed from the inventory list.

At the end of the day the inventory clerk will verify what the system says was shipped really was sent to the client. Conclusion There are several areas of improvement opportunity at Radian’s operations and logistics departments. The key is to minimize manual information gathering and move into a more automated system that can track inventory levels, materials placement, and material storage as well as shipment information accurately, seamlessly and in real time. The organization could benefit from the use of RIFF and Bar codes; nevertheless the technology is important but the process as well.

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Operations and Logistics in Riordan Manufacturing
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