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Operation Smile Essay

For example, Kent State University; it’s one of 450 students associations working to ease money and educate students about the values of commitment, leadership and volunteerism, according to Operation Smile’s website. “This organization raises money by selling items such as sweatshirts and T-shirts, as well as candy and pens. ” The organization has raised $2,400 and in September of 2006 their money gave 10 children from all over the world the opportunity to have the life-altering surgery (Franco 2). Operation Smile is a nationally known organization open to all majors on the campus of Kent State.

So even if someone Isn’t Interested in the medical field, here Is still a way to help out with the organization. “It looks really good to get Involved In campus actively and on resumes for future Jobs and graduate school applications,” said Marcia Thomas, secretary of the Kent State chapter. For those who are interested in the medical field, as Thomas said, volunteering with a world-wide organization such as Operation Smile looks good on resumes for Job applications and graduate school applications.

Plus someone could even find that they are specifically interested in working with facial deformities, which could help that errors and the organization. They would get a good Job, which could lead to an even better Job that pays, and they would be helping people all over the world. Cindy Raglan, a mother of two and a registered nurse, is one of the many volunteers who travel the world with Operation Smile. She also works in the newborn intensive care unit of the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Virginia, the founding place of Operation Smile.

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Along with the Children’s Hospital, Raglan works the night shift at the Operation Smile headquarters for several hours each day. This may sound like a lot of work, and it is, but it’s all worth it in the long run. Raglan is the perfect example of just that. Operation Smile changed her view of life for the better. The expression on the face of a child who had just undergone surgery can give those volunteers a since of hope, that they really can make a difference in these children’s lives. “lye learned to appreciate the simple things in life,” said Raglan. The treasures in life are people themselves. You open your heart and worlds come together” (Weir 3). So what if someone has no medical experience whatsoever? That’s definitely not a problem; there are many things someone could do that don’t Involve medicine. Raglan works as the nursing specialty coordinator, directing patients from screening to surgery and coordinating all of the nursing staff. Volunteers can do Just as Raglan did, help direct patients from screening to surgery or coordinate the nursing staff, every little thing helps.

The two founders of Operation Smile, Bill and Kathy Image, are dedicated and determined to change the world by knelling tense Walt Tactical throttles. B I Image Is a plastic surgeon Wendell Kathy Is a nurse. The couple travels the world, helping indigent children get their smiles back. In some cultures, the birth of a disfigured child is considered a curse, and if the child is not abandoned outright, he or she may be cut off from the community (Peterson 1).

With the Images and tons of volunteers help, these children’s facial deformities can have the medical attention they need to be considered a normal child. Mr.. Image donates 1 50 surgical days a year to Operation Smile and travels with his wife, Kathy, on missions 20 weeks a year. Neither of them has ever taken any money in salary, but they feel that they’ve been richly rewarded for their service to others. (Peterson 2). Thanks to the Images dedication to Operation Smile, the organization plans to keep running for many years.

One of their goals is to open all 12 countries on Operation Smile’s waiting list. The only thing standing in their way is the constant challenge of raising the funds to send their doctors overseas to the countries that are in need of help. “That likely won’t happen in my lifetime,” muses Bill, “but my goal is to say with y actions more than my words that I think it’s important to help other people, that each of us has something to share” (Peterson 3).

This shows that the couple will not give up on their mission and will continue to raise funds so that they can travel the world and save many people’s lives. Without them, Operation Smile would not exist and tons of people around the world would be suffering from these terrible facial deformities. Get involved with Operation Smile because many student associations are involved, it’s a great experience for people interested in the medical field, and the menders are very active. There are many ways to get involved with Operation Smile.

Kent State made their own organization to raise money for Operation Smile; simple things such as selling T-shirts, sweatshirts, and pens. Cindy Raglan commits to Operation Smile for many hours a day, and the organizations founders do everything they can to keep the Operation running smoothly and to help those with facial deformities. Getting involved with this organization teaches its volunteers to appreciate the simpler things in life, because there’s always someone out there who has it worse off.

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